Vivek Oberoi Quotes

Vivek Oberoi Quote

"For Saathiya, I didn’t learn any dialogues, I didn’t use make-up. I landed up on the set, read the
dialogues once and just let it flow because I wanted to keep it as real as possible and I felt the
character was not too far away from who I was."

"If you are so easily understood means you are so basic. I love being layered and complicated."

"In a week, I do three days of cardio and four days of weight training. I do cardio in the morning,
unless I end up playing with my son Vivaan. Then I do it in the evening. I carry a gym bag outdoors.
It has a skipping rope, cable and gloves with which I do isometric contractions. I also carry the healthy
diet that needs to be consumed with it. So, I don’t neglect fitness when outdoors."

"I love fried and unhealthy food. I give credit to my mother (Yashodhara Oberoi) and wife
(Priyanka Alva) for keeping me away from sweets; they use all kinds of tactics to hide sweets from
my reach. There’s nothing better than a bowl of payasam (rice pudding)! I can devour a kilo of sweets
at one go; be it rasmalai, gulab jamum, sonpapdi or anything. I have stopped eating sweets now. The
only dessert in my life now is my wife."

"Hrithik Roshan is my inspiration! He takes great care of his health and physique. He keeps himself
updated by reading health-related information. Among the industry girls, Kareena Kapoor has maintained
herself well. She is balanced. Her yoga regime is good, which makes her look healthy and not anorexic."

"These babies are your biggest strength and biggest weakness also. They cast a spell on you when you
look into their eyes. When I first looked my son in his eyes, I felt like I could do anything for him."

"If a woman wants to do something, she can do anything."

"There is space and harmony between art and comment. I love walking into a mall with thousands of
fans waiting to interact with me. I love the rush. Some people don't. You need to stay anchored and
connected with the people who made you who you are."

"Really, people tell me I'm as opinionated as ever, and that I need to be more diplomatic, (laughs)
but now I choose my battles carefully. I don't believe you have to belong to any camp to survive in
Bollywood. Or I wouldn't be standing here. Is there politics in Bollywood? Of course there is. But you
can still make your own destiny."

"Never give uo!!! Keep fighting for what you believe in... Sometimes they will test you... sometimes
they will crush you... but if you believe in yourself, one day you will succeed!"

"Acting in movies is my passion, but the kind of human satisfaction and meaningfulness that comes
into my life by helping others, wiping away tears and trying to bring a smile to someone else's face
is exceptional...that joy is more fulfilling that any award or reward I have ever got."

"I don't look at film roles as negative and positive. I look at roles as exciting or boring. If a role
excites me, I will do matter if it is positive, negative or neutral."

"When you have a celebrity status, people feel inspired by you people. They start to emulate what you
are doing. So it inspires me as a celebrity to do something which is for greater good. How about giving
back to the society that has given me so much?"

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