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Vivek Oberoi

--- About Vivek Oberoi ---

Birth name: Vivek Anand Oberoi

Meaning of the name: Vivek - 'Wisdom' (Origin: Sanskrit)

Date of Birth: 3 September 1976

Place of Birth: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Hindu

Nicknames: Rockstar

Occupation: Actor

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)

Marital status: Married

Date of Mariage: 29 October 2010

Spouse: Priyanka Alva Oberoi

Kids: 1 son, Vivaan Veer Oberoi (born 6 February 2013) 

Father: Suresh Oberoi (Actor)

Mother: Yashodhara Oberoi

Sisters: 1, Meghna

Brothers: 2, Prithviraj and Anand 

Father-in-low: Jeevaraj Alva (Karnataka minister)

Mother Tongue: Tamil

Languages: Hindi, English

Past love relationships: Gurpreet Gill, Aishwarya Rai

Education: Attended Mayo College in Ajmer, completed his Masters Degree in film acting in New York.

Activities: Playing sports, jogging, walking on the beach

Admires: Vidya Balan

Strengths: His son

Weakness: His son

One thing he cannot live without: His family

Mantra: ‘Bure waqt mein ghabrana nahin aur achche waqt mein paglana nahin.’
(In bad times don't be afraid and in good times, don't go crazy)

Trade Mark: (dimples, smile, six packs abs...)

Likes: Spending time with his family

Last thing he does before going to bed: Watching movie. Hecan't sleep without a movie.

Debut film: Company (2002)

Debut Award: Filmfare Awards for Best Male Debut and Best Supporting Actor in Company (2002)

Best movies in the career by now: Company, Saathiya, Yuva, Kyun...!Ho Gaya Na, Masti, Omkara,
Shoot Out At Lokhandwala, Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story, Grand Masti, Krrish 3

Bollywood actress he wanted to work with: Madhuri Dixit

Vivek Oberoi childhood photo

--- Favourites ---

Favourite food: Maggi Noodles, Dal-chawl 

Favourite dessert: Basundi; apple pie, Payasam (rice pudding), gulab jamum, sonpapdi

Favourite place: "Anywhere with my soulmate"

Favourite holiday spot: France

Favourite actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn

Favourite actresses: Rani Mukerji, Madhuri Dixit

Favourite movies: Company, The Godfather and Roman Holiday

Favourite music: Soft and lleasant music

Favourite colour: Brown... He once said: "My favourite colour is the rainbow."

Favourite perfume: Iceberg

Favourite book: Ayn Rand’s Fountain Head

Favourite outfit: Indian Ethnic wear

Favourite filmmaker: Ram Gopal Varma

Favourite villain in films: The late Heath Ledger. He is his inspiration when it comes to playing the role
of a villain.

Favourite shooting location: Istanbul

Vivek Oberoi with his family

--- Interesting Facts ---

--> Vivek was born to a Tamil mother and a Punjabi father Suresh Oberoi, a veteran bit-role actor
in the Indian Film Industry.

--> At an actors' workshop in London he was spotted by the director of New York University who
took Vivek off to New York, where he completed his Masters Degree in film acting.

--> Vivek also worked as scriptwriter and bought his first car with the money he made from that.

--> He is the second of four children. He has an older brother, a younger brother and a younger sister
(who is an artist).

--> As a child, Vivek played all kinds of sports — hockey, table-tennis, football and cricket. He has
played hockey at the state and national level. He has been fascinated with boxing since he was in
class eight. He was short then, just 5 feet’2 inches, was also underweight, around eight kilos less,
for the open category. To get himself enrolled, I used to wore a heavy jacket and filled the pockets
of his track pant with stones. 

--> He was naughty kid in school. He used to play pranks and trouble his teachers. 

--> He and his family have created the Yashodhara Oberoi Foundation to help those in need.

--> Broke a leg while filming for a Mani Ratnam film and was hospitalised. He needed surgery, was
in intensive care and his condition was quite serious for a couple of days.

--> Vivek loves cooking.

--> When he is working out in the morning, he is working out on an empty stomach. Ets every two
to three hours, but after 7pm he stays away from carbohydrates totally. When he is not in a mood
to exercise, he makes excuses and his trainer has to motivate him. Vivek has a sleeping disorder,
that’s why he is often sluggish. He takes a cup of coffee before a workout.

--> Abstains from smoking, drinking and doesn't drink tea or coffee.

--> On 29 October 2010, Vivek Oberoi married Priyanka Alva, daughter of Karnataka minister
Jeevaraj Alva, in Bangalore.

--> Vivek previously got engaged with Gurpreet Gill in 2002 but broke later.

--> Before getting married to Priyanka he was dating Aishwarya Rai for a while.

--> In 2003, he called a press conference at his house, where he alleged that actor Salman Khan
had been threatening him because of his close relations with Aishwarya Rai. Salman Khan denied
these allegations. In 2007, he apologized to Salman Khan at the Rajiv Gandhi Awards function at
the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre.

--> He was awarded the Red and White Bravery Award in 2006 for helping re-build a village which
was hit severely by the Tsunami. Oberoi, at the age of 28, was in Chennai when disaster struck
and assembled six truckloads of relief supplies and also adopted a tsunami-ravaged village in the
Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.

--> He credits Kareena Kapoor as his inspiration for adopting a vegetarian diet, and he has often turned
up on PETA's annual list of Sexiest Vegetarians.

Vivek with his sister

--- Personal Quotes ---

"My wife is very supportive. She is interested in my work but doesn't interfere. So in that sense,
my married status has had no influence on my choice of roles."

"My wife is my fiercest critic, definitely the most vocal. At the same time, she is my strength
and my best friend. She'd never lie to me about how she feels about my performance."

"When Vivaan was born, I was very busy with movies and promotions. I think I have missed out on
a lot of milestone moments. I haven't seen him grow as much as I would have liked to. Then it
struck me, is this what I really want? Being occupied with work, and barely any time for my son?
Then I started cutting down on many work related things. Today I am much calmer and happier
because of him; we spend a lot of time cuddling together."

"I'm a big foodie - so I love Delhi...I think the best food in India is found definitely here. The route
to Delhi is straight through my belly!"

"I don’t select films thinking that I will be the only hero. The project has to be a hero in itself. Film
making is a process, and I enjoy that process thoroughly."

"I never thought I would feel head over heels in love with someone, but the fact is I am completely
in love with Priyanka. I begin to miss her immensely once she is out."

"I feel it's my duty to help the needy. I have been taught by my family that inner happiness is
achieved by doing good for others and I totally believe in this. Everyone should take out time from
their busy schedule to spread happiness in the world."

"There was a gap of six to seven years between my last relationship and Priyanka. But the minute
I met her, the void disappeared. She was an incredible anchor and she got me stable. She
comforted me and made me feel that I belonged. Trust me, it’s the best feeling in the Universe
because you can finally breathe. You feel like the search is over and you’re finally home."

"In Spain, they have an incredible attitude. Whether there’s an accident or a fight, they simply say,
“Tranquillo!” It means harmony and peace. After being with Priyanka, I feel Tranquillo!"

"I only know that I’m happy to have married Priyanka. I’m happy that I share my life with someone
as incredible as her. She completes me in every way."

"You know, Saifu (Saif Ali Khan) once shared this story with me of his father, the late Mansoor
Ali Khan Pataudi saab. After which, I decided that whenever I get into a relationship or get married,
I’m going to live by this philosophy. He told Saif, ‘Son, learn to pick your battles. You’ll never win
all of them.’ And that is so true. I live by that. I pick my battles."

"I love kids, I've always been the 'designated babysitter' for my cousins, I interact with a lot of kids
with the social work that I do. But being a father is a personal role, the most challenging and
rewarding role of a man's life. I'm a father now and it's a dream come true!"

"I feel in life people forget to be appreciative and thankful. For me the important thing in life is to
stay happy. I have no regrets, some of my films have worked and some have not, I accept both
success and failure."

"Words cannot begin to describe how I'm feeling, holding my son for the very first time was the most
beautiful moment of my life. Priyanka and I are elated to be parents. I'm loving every minute I have
with my is beautiful!"

"Doing charity makes me feel really happy. A lot of people asked me to speak, when Forbes magazine
featured me as one of the 'Top 40 Philanthropists around the world under the age of 40'. Talking about
it doesn't really matter to me as the work here is important, not the recognition."

"I am still very instinctive and spontaneous. I don't calculate, think or plan. I just jump to the
opportunity. I am still like that kid in a playground, just running around and doing different films."

"I don't work with actresses. I work with directors."

"Any child, at the end of the day, wants to be like his parents. I admire my father. But my decision
to step into cinema was not because… "My father was an actor so let me also get into it"… but because
of my love of acting. It actually started when I was six. In the school play I did so well that my father
send me to theatre workshop in London. After graduation I enrolled myself to an acting school in London."

"Anything that i am comfortable wearing would be my Fashion. No matter how expensive you were,
It will only look good on you if you are comfortable wearing it. But i also do enjoy Indian Ethnic wear."

"Balance is essential. You have to find your own balance. There will be trying times, when you will be
tested and, at that time, being positive and fearless is essential. Again, being positive is a choice.
You can choose to be happy, you can choose to be positive."

"The ability to make someone happy is my favourite superpower."

"I love cooking almost as much as eating. Cooking feels very therapeutic and calms me. I can cook
proper khana, dal chawal, sabzi etc but my rotis still look like shapes of the 7 Continents! Can’t ever
get them perfect gol…"

"Really savor your favorite food by being fully present and aware when you eat. Start by eating it
with your eyes, smell it and then chew it slowly, only swallowing when you have to. Remember – there
are no taste buds in your stomach. The moment you start swallowing you’re bringing the taste
experience to an end! So make it worth the calories."

"The day my wife broke the news that she was expecting, I decided that no amount of work or
professional commitments would get in the way of me enjoying this journey. This is something that will
never come back; it's a journey that's really important to me and my wife. I saw to it that I was part
of every single thing, whether it was Priyanka's routine checks, the first sonogram, hearing the heartbeat
of my baby for the first time, picking up a cradle or even deciding on colours for the baby's room."

"I think Priyanka has this incredible ability to just make me feel light. When I look at her, I feel like
I am with my soul mate. I am just so at home."

Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Wedding Day

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