Vidya Balan Quotes

Vidya Balan Quote

"When you’re in love with someone and you want the relationship to work, there’s no question
in your heart about wanting to stray. There is no harm with healthy flirting but that’s all there is
to it. You look for options when you’re not happy in a relationship."

"Romance, for me, is still going on long drives, listening to music, watching the rain, or a sunrise
(which is rare because I don’t wake up early) or a sunset. It’s about these little things."

"You understand the meaning of unconditional love when you both wake up a mess but still
believe that the other person makes your world go round."

"I’m not ambitious. The number of films I do and the amount of money I make do not drive
me. My passion is the only thing that drives me."

"Marriage is as much about retaining your own space as it is about sharing it with someone
else. For a marriage to work, that’s important. Especially, for us women to retain our
individuality. Because women are natural givers and we tend to we lose ourselves easily in
a relationship. We are okay becoming a Mrs So and So, a daughter, a sister and a mother
and even a professional. But beneath all that there is also a person. That is what we need to
remember. We’re so conditioned that we challenge our individuality often."

"I won’t be a hypocrite and say that I don’t enjoy male attention anymore because I’m
married. I do get attention and I enjoy it. I guess I’ll always enjoy it. What the hell? Harmless
flirting is healthy. I’m not talking about sexting here. I’m a woman and I enjoy attention from men."

"I’m not all that easy with people I love. I’m demanding."

"No role and no film is the end of the world. It could be the beginning, but it is never the end."

"He (her husband, Sidharth) is so punctual that he always makes me feel that I’m late. I like to beat
him at it sometimes. He is on time everywhere and is extremely prompt with his text messages. And
I’m not; I’m terrible with the phone. I can’t multi-task ya."

"I’m very much in touch with my desires."

"I am a person with a lot of faith and I have conversations (with God) all the time but I am not so
religious in the conventional, organised sense."

"I'm someone who believes in 'live and let live' and that applies to everything. I think I really lucked
out because we (siddharth and her) are similar in a lot of ways. Like, you'll never see our house out
of order because we are both minimalists and we are both very organised."

"When everyone says good things about you, you have to be careful that your feet remain on the
ground. Acting is my passion, it makes me happy. And I want to be just that - happy."

"It’s not like we (Siddhart and her) started seeing each other instantly but I do remember thinking to
myself that he was such an easygoing guy. I don’t know how it all happened. I didn’t stop to analyse
or figure out what was happening. I just felt I could be myself with him. I could laugh out loud like I
normally do. I could speak my mind and yet I had butterflies and they were all dancing. It was just

"I don’t think there’s a right age to fall in love or get married. But I’m happy I got married when I
did, when I felt ready. I’m sure being married at 33 is different from getting hitched at a younger age.
At 33 you know what you want. I have my set of ideals and idiosyncrasies but I always had them. It’s
a very basic thing but I don’t like my clothes being put into my wardrobe. I like to do it myself. I won’t
even allow the house help to do it. Even if I lose my memory and you ask me where I’ve kept
something at home I’d be able to tell you."

"Marriage isn’t just a stamp of approval for a relationship. It’s the highest form of commitment and I
knew I want to be with Siddharth. Some people are happy living-in but that’s not for me. I believe in
the institution of marriage because I’ve seen beautiful marriages around me."

"Right from the Kanjeevaram sarees to the Mallipoo (scented oil) in my hair and the kolam
(a kind of rangoli) outside my door, I’m completely entrenched in a South Indian upbringing; the
customs and culture."

"I had never seen myself as married. It was only after I met Siddharth that I felt that way. Earlier,
I kept thinking that I'd never feel what everyone says one feels when you meet your soulmate. I don't
know about soulmate because I'm not sure I believe in that. But when it came to Siddharth, I just
knew that I was going to be with him forever, or at least that was the intention."

"To me, spirituality means a state of unconditional love and acceptance of self and therefore of others."

"I'm enjoying living with Siddharth, but, yes, I have to take care of the house also. Like sometimes,
my cook calls and asks about the food or my maid calls and asks for an off. I was not used to all this
earlier. But, yes, life has changed and I'm enjoying the process of discovering myself and my partner."

"Stardom is a very tough job. It's a 24 hour job."

"I've used to been badly behaved teenager. BUt I think somewhere the fate then took over..."

"I generally am a prankster on set."

"Marriage is something I'd recommend everyone to try if you find the right person, of course. I'm
enjoying being married. Just living with Siddharth is fun. We sometimes feel like flatmates because we
are in and out. We have not had that much time together, therefore I still feel like we are
honeymooning... without the guilt!"

"I had been warned that a lot of changes happen after marriage and I kept waiting, thinking it's just one
month so maybe it's too early for the changes to surface. Then I said it's two months, then six months
and after that, it's been 14 months and nothing has changed. He's the same person and I'm not bipolar,
so he didn't come in for any surprises either! Someone asked me if he is my best friend and I said,
'Yeah, maybe a best friend with benefits'. He's going to kill me for this! But, yes, it is wonderful to
be able to say anything (and I really can say anything!) and he's very accepting and non-judgmental.
What has changed post marriage is that I now know aate-dal ka bhav, but please don't ask me. I know
that onion prices have dropped."

"I didn't set out to find Siddharth or anyone for that matter, and I think that's when it happened. Until
I was looking, I was only looking in the wrong direction and when I stopped looking, he literally walked
into my life. So, that's it. When you don't have expectations of how you want your partner to be, you
just let each other be. I'm someone who is really finicky about my things and I found someone who's
like me. Just that he's finicky in a relaxed manner, I'm not that relaxed."

"I don't think I'm competing with anyone. I don't mean to sound Zen, but genuinely, when I stopped
competing with anything is when I started enjoying my work and that brought out the best in me. I'm
living in a universe of my own and I'm enjoying that. I love to appreciate other people's work."

"Most people have heard me say this that I lost my bearings for a while because I was trying desperately
to fit in. I have always been me, but at that time, I was being pressurised to be a certain way and I did
try hard. But I was getting slapped around left, right and centre. Then, in 2008, I reclaimed myself. I
felt no one seems to be happy with me, so let me at least do what makes me happy. It wasn't a
moment's decision; it took me weeks and months after talking to myself and my family. After that
happened, people began to reclaim me too. I was just being myself and they liked what I was in the
first place."

"My husband, Siddharth (Roy Kapur) is an early bird. He sleeps early and wakes up early, too. Since it's
just the two of us in our new home and I don't watch TV beyond a point, I lose interest in staying awake.
So, it's actually correct to say that marriage has cured my insomnia."

"I’m not a foodie! I eat to live. I don’t live to eat unlike a lot of other people."

"It doesn’t bother me a bit. I’ve never been conscious about my looks. Of course, I do care a bit as a
woman. But I’ve seen people being obsessed with their appearance. I’m not. My mother always
complained why I didn’t doll up. But yes, I’m definitely interested in ‘adorning’ my character, be it a
beggar, a fairy, a dream girl or a girl-next door like Bobby Jasoos. I may not enjoy dressing up but
as a character I enjoy putting on make-up."

"I only work for myself. If I like something, I don’t think about what people are going to say or
whether the story is ‘different’ enough. I am very selfish, I don’t think of anything but what I want to do."

"I never knew it was in me to feel jealous. I never felt jealous before we got married. But post marriage
I have caught myself feeling jealous. And I have ways of communicating that."

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