Varun Dhawan Quotes

Varun Dhawan Quote

"I’ve stopped thinking about my career graph. A lot of people dwell upon the past or keep
thinking of the future. I like to live in the present. The same goes with getting married."

"I don’t believe in live-in relationships. So, no I don’t think I can do that. Not because I am

a family boy... I mean when the time comes, I might. Who knows? Right now my aukat is
not to be in a live-in relationship, to support someone."

"Why am I not speaking out about my private life? Because there is too much to speak about.
It will overtake my professional life. I am telling you, my private life is very exciting. I know if I
reveal something about my private life, then people will be not be interested in my work. I am
not a boring person. You know how some people say ‘Oh, I am very boring, there is nothing to
talk about my life, It is an open book and all that stuff?’ I am not like that."

"I wanted to get married at 22. When I was out of college, I was ready to get married. Then I

realized it’s not a good idea. I was just fascinated with the idea of getting married. But I am not
getting married. People can relax about that. Not right now, at least for a while."

"Human behavior shocks me, betrayal shocks me. I'm a very loyal person... Basis of every relationship
is friendship. So when someone breaks my loyalty, then I change."

"I've been betrayed and I've changed. I'm done with the person. I can forgive, but I cant' forget."

"I'm not the opssessive lover. If the girl want to go, or whatever, let her go. I never stalk anybody.
That's also very wrong. If someone wants to go, let them go, better will come. There's always options."

"I'm straight and I really like girls. I'm attracted to them and I lust for them."
"When I was in school, I remember spending an entire Sunday playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
I spent roughly about 8 – 10 hours with breaks just to eat my meals. I would also have tournaments
with my friends at home where we used to played FIFA and Cricket nonstop on the PS3."

"I don’t know if there is such a thing as an ideal girl friend. I think imperfections make a person
perfect, so I think you should learn to love the imperfections in the person you love because those
in fact become the best qualities."

"I like normal girls. When I come home, I don't want to discuss films; I want to discuss what her world
is like and other things. Of course, a normal girl would ask me about my work, but she wouldn't get so
much into it unless it's her business."

"You have one heart and once you give it away, it's gone. If you wear it on your sleeve, a lot of
people are there to take advantage of it. Goodness is something people take advantage of and if you
want to remain a good person for long, you should make sure that too many people don't take
advantage of you because then you turn bitter. So, a little bit of caution is important."

"I’m an extreme person, I like jumping from one extreme to another."

"I was born in a middle-class household. My dad wasn’t the David Dhawan all through. We started
seeing money only when I was around 13. Before that, we lived in a one-bedroom house and later
shifted to a two-bedroom flat. My favourite restaurant is Shiv Sagar. The watermelon juice there is
outstanding. I was dating a Gujarati girl and she’d have only vegetarian food. She introduced me
to Shiv Sagar’s pizza and Chinese food. It’s amazing."

"I was naughty (as a child) and it still holds true. But I’m not sadistic. I won’t take pleasure in seeing
people fall down and make fun of them. I only ‘attack’ people I know and love. Rohit on the other
hand is a serious guy. He’s driven by his morals."

"Whether you answer personal questions or dissuade them, you still get asked. I don’t want to be
known as this guy who’s only talking about relationships. I realised it just makes for good writing
and reading material but that’s about it. I’d rather be known for my acting."

"I can’t marry an actress. It’s not double standards. I’m not extremely happy with my own lifestyle.
It’s not all that healthy. If my better half has the same lifestyle as mine, who will be the architect
of the relationship? I need someone stable. I feel most people in this industry are a bit mad."

"My aim is to make a relationship with audience. I don’t work to impress the industry. I act to impress
the audience. If someone from industry praises me, how is it going to benefit me? It’s only when the
audience likes my film, will it work at the box-office. We work for the audience and not for the

"I want to entertain. I want to do films, which entertain the whole country. I can’t cheat the audience
in the name of art and creativity."

"I am ambitious because my mom inculcated the habit of achieving in me. Since childhood I’ve
understood that if I have to make it, it has to be on my own. It’s advocated in the Bhagwad Gita
as well. Mummy still narrates stories from the Gita to me."

"Love is something you need to keep working at. You can’t take it for granted."


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