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Varun Dhawan

--- About Varun Dhawan ---

Birth name: Varun Dhawan

Meaning of the name: Varun - "Water God", "God of water", "Lord of the waters", "God of the sky,
of water and of the celestial ocean" (Origin: Sanskrit)

Date of Birth: 24 April 1987

Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharastra, India

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Hinduism

Nicknames: Paapu

Occupation: Actor, former model

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Height: 5' 91" (1.77 m)

Marital status: Single

Father: David Dhawan (director)

Mother: Karuna Dhawan

Brother: Rohit Dhawan (director)

Uncle: Anil Dhawan (actor)

Cousin: Siddharth Dhawan (actor)

Education: Has a degree in business management from Nottingham Trent University, UK.

Girlfriend: Natasha Dalal

His first crush: girl named Astria

Friends from film industry: Arjun Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra

Hobbies: Collecting DVDs and Blue Rays

Activities: Working out, yoga

Sports: Swimming, cricket and squash

Strength: His values

Weakness: Not saying 'no'

His biggest assets: His energy

Enjoys: Body massage

Loves: Films

Hates: Irritating people

Afraid of: Being afraid

Biggest fear: Of failure

His fantasy: To fly; want to run a country but not India

What tires him the most: Make-up

What touches him the most: Kindness

What does he finds attractive in a woman: Hot legs, loyalty

Varun as a boyfriend: "I’m the serious sort. I’m emotional and too much into ‘love’."

First girlfriend: "I was 12. But I wouldn’t say she was my girlfriend. We used to talk on phone and
it continued for a month. We never even held hands."

One actress he always liked: "Preity Zinta. I have always found her very cute."

Sexiest actresses in Bollywood: Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and
Sonam Kapoor

His passion: Acting

His inspiration: Govinda

His success mantra: "My success mantra is having a healthy body and healthy mind."
What shocks him: Human behavior, betrayal
What makes him greedy: Chicken. He loves chicken.

Best compliment he has received: "People say that I remind them of Govinda."

Debut film: Student of the Year (2012)

Best movies in the career by now: Student of the Year (2012), Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (2014)...

Dream Role: To potray the life of soldier in a film

Remake of a film he would liek to be the part of: The Indian version of The American Psycho

Actress he would liek to work with: Tabu

If not an actor: Deefinitely work in the entertainment industry itself, maybe an entertainment
journalist. A career in sports was also something he thought of.

Varun Dhawan as a baby, with his elder brother

--- Favourites ---

Favourite cuisine: Continental food

Favourite food: Chicken, pizzas, Vadapav, Dosa

Favourite dessert: Cheesecake, Mishti Doi

Favourite spice: Garam Masala

Favourite actors: Aamir Khan, Govinda

Favourite movies: Guide, Kaagaz Ke Phool, Rang De Basanti, American Psycho, The Doors,
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Raja Babu

Favourite song: November rain from Guns n Roses... Yaad Aa Rahi Hain from the film Love Story

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite possession: His watch that his father gave him 

Favourite directors: Tim Burton, Vishal Bhardwaj, Christopher Nolan, Guru Dutt and Raj Kumar Hirani

Favourite sport: Football

Favourite bedroom line: 'Good night'

Favourite past-time: Watching films

Favourite appliances: Mobile phone, TV, laptop, griller

Favourite game: FIFA and Grand Theft Auto

Favourite male gaming character: Max Payne

Favourite female gaming character: Lara Croft

Varun as a child with his family

--- Interesting Facts ---

--> Varun was a fast runner in school.

--> He is very close to his brother.

--> He has a family history of diabetes and obesity, so he watch what he is eating. That’s the reason
I avoid alcohol, sugar and chocolates.

--> Varun is a fitness freak, but takes a break of it for about 10-15 days every seven months.

--> Growing up, he was a crazy fan of pro-wrestling. He dreamt of having giant shining biceps and a
shapely torso. But his ardour cooled off a bit when he injured his shoulder in one of those mock fights.
Though it’s healed now, he still undergoes physiotherapy for it. 

--> Prior to his acting debut, Dhawan worked as assistant director to Karan Johar on his 2010 film,
My Name Is Khan.

--> For 'Main Tera Hero' film, in which he plays a musician, Varun enrolled in singing classes.

--> Varun Dhawan wanted to start his career in acting but his parents David and Lali didn't want
him to join showbiz until he had a sound education and packed him off to Manchester to enroll for
a course in business management. He left his education in between and went off to assist
Karan Johar for My Name Is Khan.

--> Varun loves eating chicken more then anything else. Varun's best buddy Arjun Kapoor revealed
that, Varun is his 4 am friend and is willing to answer calls from Arjun at any time of the day or
night. But only on one condition. If he is not busy with the chick in his life, be it fried, baked,
tadoori or tikka.

--> When he sees a shrine he do three religious signs folds hands(hindus)seeks blessings(muslims)
cross his heart(Christians)and say a Buddhist chant in his head.

--> He used to stand outside clubs distributing flyers when he lived in the UK.

--> Varun has always been naughty, but is an amazing child. He was never demanding and was
happy to play with his toys and his GI Joe till he became big, where he would take his GI Joe to his
bathroom while taking a bath.

Varun as a teenager

--- Personal Quotes ---

"I am very commitment types. I don’t fear commitment."

"Just be yourself and let your personality reflect your style."

"I think I am moody, so I can’t really say that I am romantic or chilled out. But that has an
advantage. I want to explore different genres as I go ahead in my career, so the more mysterious
I remain, the better."

"I believe when I do a film it should make a noise. It should be an event. People should know
‘Varun’s done this picture’. I don’t want to do 10 films from which only one works. I prefer doing
two films a year."

"She (his girl) should be good at heart. For some strange reason, I have this notion that she should
be nice to animals. I think if she’s good to animals, she’ll be good to me. I don’t want her to be
from the industry and she should not be passionate about movies. I don’t want her to talk about
movies only. I’d like a change and I’d want to talk to her about her work... try to get to know
another world – her world! I’d want to learn something from her as well."

"When I see a shrine, I do the three religion signs; fold hands (Hindus), seek blessings (Muslims),
cross my heart (Christians), and say a Buddhist chant in my mind."

"I should now find myself a wife!"

"I am done with the dating thing. I would like to get into a serious relationship now. I am single at
present, and I would like to be with a girl who has a mind of her own."

"I have been passionate about fitness from a very young age. For me fitness is a part of my
everyday life. But fitness does not mean having big muscles, it means being active, quick and
flexible. It can be defined in many terms..."

"Hey guys for the record I don't smoke but I might have to smoke for some upcoming role but
everyone knows smoking is bad so don't do it... As an actor if you play a character doesn't mean
I am that person I know there are a lot of young people on here so to be healthy no smoking..."

"I don't know how to react when a girl hits on me. I can't even say thank you because I might
make a fool of myself. I feel kinda hassled and stressed, so I just blush."

"You shouldn’t let your relationship take over your life. You need to concentrate on work as well.
In the long run, the relationship suffers if you get too involved. Keeping distance is essential for
your partner to understand that there’s a lot more to you. Fact is your career always demands
more time than your relationships."

"I've this habit of enacting parts while watching TV. Often I'm playing multiple parts moving all
around my room when my servant walks in and gives me a look as if I've lost it."

"I eat everything. There’s a misconception that eating makes you put on weight. People don’t
realise that it’s only when they overeat do they gain obscene amounts of weight."

"During my whole student life while I was in Nottingham I used to chat with girls from different
parts of the world... In fact, during my student life, it was important for me to be on social
networking sites. There's so much to learn, so many friends you make for life."

"But what is success? What is super-stardom? Is it the amount of girls who are going to tear
their t-shirts off for you? Is it the number of fake friends that you carry along or is it that
honest film you make? I think it's the latter. It'll be the last day of me the day ego goes in my
head. I would like to be a part of cult cinema. That's success for me."

"I have done too many crazy things over there. I had a part time job where I was supposed
to distribute pamphlets outside various pubs and nightclubs in freezing cold. I would earn five
pounds per hour. Though it was rather exhausting, it had its own share of perks as well. I
had free entry to all these clubs and pubs. Also, I would come across interesting characters
while on the job. Besides, watching people getting sloshed and make complete fools of
themselves was real fun."

"The literal meaning of my name is ‘God of water’. I like to take that seriously. People should
feel cool around me. I am unpredictable like the rains, they come unannounced. But just as
the rain makes people happy, I too strive to give happiness to those around."

"I shall never date an actress... I don't want to be known as a 'player'. I don't want to give
plastic smiles on television and say 'No comments'. Till now, I have kept quiet."

"I was a Stevie Griffin in school. As you rightly said, I was a 'keeda'. I love Family Guy.
But I am very loyal when it comes to friendship. If a friend is wrong, I will slap him later
(laughs). Honestly, if you've done something wrong you ought to be taught a lesson or
need guidance. I am like that to all my friends. I love them but that does not mean I
support them in all their doings, especially wrong."

"My dream was to get into acting, but I couldn't tell my father. It used to make me
uncomfortable. When I was 16, I told him that I want to be an actor and he said,
'Become one,' in serious tone. I started thinking what to do and my mother told me
not to expect any help."

"I don’t drink or smoke, but I like going out as I love observing people — their mannerisms,
the way they dress, speak, things like that. And it need not only be at parties."

"People say that star should behave like this or like that. Well, I can’t do that and am best
suited to behave normal. That’s what works for me. It is just that I have become a little
busier and have not been able to meet friends."

"Although I am quite anxious when I’ve to do emotional scenes, I can’t cry easily."

"I firmly believe that you become an actor for showing your acting talent. I am here to act, and
not show my abs. If I had to do that, I would have as well become a model. However I don't want
to stand still, I want to move, I need to emote."

Varun Dhawan with parents

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