Sonam Kapoor Quotes

Sonam Kapoor Quote


"If I get married, it has to be for good. I will work at it to the hilt and make sure that I have a loyal
and a solid marriage. My marriage would become my priority. I will become a unit with that person.
It won’t be ‘he’ and ‘me’; it’ll be ‘us’."

"When you don’t trust someone and you don’t believe in what he feels for you, then there’s no point.
You need to be secure, feel the love and trust your partner. It has to be my happy place, my security
blanket. It can’t be something that gives me stress. It has to be my stress buster."
"I never consider a relationship as a distraction. Because your career is not your life, it’s part of your
life. You need to have a well-rounded life if you want to be a good artiste. I’m not here to be the number
one actress. Relationships, journeys... make you a better person. You keep evolving. A relationship
enriches you. You draw upon that in your performances. Relationships, travel or reading add to your life

"I’d like to date someone who’s beautiful, talented and successful and someone who completes me.
They have to bring happiness in my life. But it can’t be to further my career or to give me life’s comforts.
If I have to be with someone it has to be mutual, we need to be together to make the quality of our
life better."
"Fortunately, I have never been criticized. I always had great reviews and all good words spoken about me."

"I'd like to have the power to eradicate corruption from our country. I think as an individual, it affects
me in more ways than one."

"Not even in my wildest dream (ever imagine herself as a fashion icon). I was pretty sure that I would
end up as a librarian in a university wearing thick glasses; surrounded by loads and loads of books. I'm
sure people from my school are still in a state of shock!"

"I went to Arya Vidya Mandir. I was a real nice kid, who'd abide by school regulations. And since I
was nice and sweet to everyone, they also never really bothered me."

"Mum and dad were very stern (when she was in school). Till 10th grade, there was no concept of
pocket money. It was only when I went to Singapore in my 11th grade, did I get a monthly allowance.
But it was also miniscule."

"There was this guy who really had a thing for me. He followed me till Paris! I was travelling at that
point and he jumped countries just to get my attention. I think when people really have affections
for you they persist. Later on, we spent a rather romantic evening together. It became quite special.
I will never forget it."

"I think live-in relations are for people who are not sure, and to an extent commitment phobic."

"The exposure I get allows me to have this influence in fashion. But if I wasn’t taken seriously as a
film actor, no one would have taken me seriously in any other field. After all, there are a lot of girls
who dress beautifully and dress better than me. So I must continue to take my work seriously, so
people take me seriously. But I want to be a real girl and not be afraid of choosing things that are
little off-kilter. Even a peacock has ugly feet, you know."

"I'm extremely curious. I love going in new places, I love listening to people, I love looking at new
things, I am constanly wide eyed about things and I wanna partner in crime who's like that. Someone
who constanly want to learn."

"Women need to be smart about themselves. Nobody is going to empower them. If we want change,
we need to be the change. We can't expect to talk about it and do nothing about it."

"At the end of the day, the film industry is a business. If we are not going to make that kind of money
for them (the filmmakers), they are not going to pay us that kind of money."

"I need a person who reads. Because I read a lot and when I'm reading I don't like people disturbing
me... I need a reader. Someone who's inteligent, someone with potential."
It's so easy in this industry to lose a sense of right and wrong. For me, it's so important to do the
right thing. It's so difficult. I face demons every day... I have this devil sitting in my head, but the
good thing is that the devil never wins. And for me, I need to sleep better at night."
"I am headstrong and am too idealistic. I need to know that I have done the right thing, now whether
the world perceives it as right or wrong, I don't know. But if I feel I have done a mistake, I will not
brush it under the carpet."

"I need to be a complete person myself, I need to grow up myself, I need to find myself and become
a complete person to be the part of a pair. Because you need to love yourself first, you need to love
who you are first, before loving another person. And that will only happen when I'm single."

"When you're down, you know the only way to go is up. But when you're up there, you need to stay
up there, and that's the most difficult thing. I wish I had the confidence and the belief in myself to be
like 'it's ok, whatever I do will work', but it's not about what will going to do well comercially, but
about what will I'm going do with it. So it's scary. I'm scared."

"I have a room opposite my bedroom, which is my walk-in closet. I have stuff that is extremely
expensive and also simple, like a few things I’ve shopped from Goa. I might not have as many clothes
but I cherish my outfits like my books."

"I like to show off my legs. My limbs are my best feature. For a party, I’d pick my shocking pink
Lanvin dress and team it with a belt. It has the ’80s puff sleeves. Great for clubbing!"

"I won’t pick the married men or those in a relationship because I have been cheated upon in the past.
That was the worst experience ever. Even though it’s not your mistake, you begin believing that
something’s wrong with you even though it’s with the guy. I don’t want any girl to go through that.
It’s tacky. I am judgmental. I am idealistic. I live my life on my own terms."

"I don’t believe that love vanishes after marriage. It has been 28 years since my parents (Anil Kapoor
and Sunita) have been married. Before that they were dating for 11 years. They’ve been together for
the past 39 years! Yet they love each other. Recently, my dad asked me, “Find out which year the
film The Exorcist (1973) was released. That was the first time I held your mom’s hand!” He still
remembers such small incidents. This is love."

"Mom and dad had to travel a lot because of work, so I often lived with my grandmother. My personality
is very much influenced by hers. That’s why I developed a love for old songs, classical music and Indian
culture. My grandmother narrated stories from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, which left a mark
on me. The ‘Indianess’ in me and my love for art and flowers is also because of her."

"What is the big deal about wearing a bikini? This is what I find so unfortunate in our country. This is
why we are seeing so many rapes and other disgusting incidents. See, if I’m going to go on a beach,
I’m not going to wear a burkha, I’ll wear a swimsuit. Why should I scream and shout about it even if
I am? I wore a swimsuit for the Filmfare shoot as well. It’s an outfit! If you’re comfortable, you’ll
wear it especially if the place you’re wearing it at is apt."

"I do go online to see trends in the world of fashion. But I love the fashion between the ’50s –’80s.
I dig vintage fashion. I love Geoffrey Beene (American fashion designer) from the ’80s. I don’t dislike
current trends. But I only like them when they have a vintage touch."

"My mom would always read a book to me at night from when I was three. Now, I can't go to sleep
without reading a book. At the same time, once I read, it's difficult for me to go to sleep as I have
an overactive imagination and I start thinking. I am a fast reader and an early riser. Every night and
every morning I have to read and have dark circles and bad eyesight because of that."

"Once I am into a book, I will finish it. For me, a holiday is about taking a book and going to a
mountain and reading."

"My sister Rhea is my best friend and while I am most attached to my mother, the person who I
respect the most in my family who is intelligent and logically has my best interest in mind, is my
sister. I don't take a step without asking her. She is extremely bright and is way smarter and sharper
than I am. I am more intellectual and more philosophical. But she understands money, people and
investments. She judges people better and has hated all my three boyfriends so far. I am an idiot.
I have read all these stupid books that make me live in this fairytale world and can find romance
even in a Tarantino film."

"Not heartbroken, but let down. I am an extremely loyal and a giving person. I don't need a tall, dark
and handsome man, but he needs to be principled and honest, who knows the difference between
right and wrong."

"My parents come from middle-class backgrounds and have taught us the value of money or the
importance of getting up early in the morning and have instilled strong work ethics within us. He
(her father, Anil Kapoor) is overprotective and paranoid and it's frustrating that he never raises
his voice."

"I don't fear failure because if you don't fail, you would not know the secret of success."

"My biggest fashion faux pas was gold ballerina shoes! I wore them during the promotion of
Saawariya. When I look at the pictures now, I’m like what was I thinking. If I saw them on anyone
else I’d be sure to make fun of them."

"As a kid I have grown reading historical books. I personally loved reading biopic of political leaders,
historical tales of famous men and women. These stories tell lot of tales about romance, politics etc.
I have learnt a lot from their life."

"When they spread false stories by saying, ‘Oh my God! This film was first offered to me!’ I know
it’s a complete lie. I know it was offered to me first. But if you still want to lie about it then it is
okay. It’s cheap and I’d never do that. There are many films that were offered to me but I never
let it out. Like some people call up my team and say, ‘I want you to do my make-up and styling.’
If you look down on me saying that fashion is all I do, then why the f**k are you calling up my
people. It is not that I don’t know about it. It’s ‘uncool’ to do that."

"I love the Cannes Festival. There is no tension or stress there because I am not going for any
movie screening or something related. I love dressing up and appearing glamorous."

"I am mild inside. I won’t pick the married men or those in a relationship because I have been
cheated upon in the past. That was the worst experience ever. Even though it’s not your mistake,
you begin believing that something’s wrong with you even though it’s with the guy. I don’t want
any girl to go through that. It’s tacky. I am judgmental. I am idealistic. I live my life on my own

"I am a bit rebellious as a person in general. So if somebody is doing ABC, I want to do EFG.
When my Mom would say ‘Do not do this’ I would do the complete opposite. But while doing it I
would like to do it in a constructive way. I am not a destructive teenager anymore but that
personality trait has stayed with me."

"Who am I to have an opinion on how people dress and how people should look? I should not.
I’ve reflected on it. Just because I look a certain way and dress in a certain way doesn’t make
me better than others. Everyone’s perception of beauty is different. So I shouldn’t be saying
that this one is good looking and this one is not good looking. That’s superficial and awful. I
made that mistake publicly and I acknowledge it publicly."

"I’m not outspoken, I’m plain spoken. There’s a difference between that."
"I’m ambitious but for different reasons. I’m ambitious to be a better actor and leave a lasting
impact. If I do the right films hopefully that’ll happen. The number game doesn’t matter to me.
I’m still getting endorsements. I’m still getting more magazine covers than anyone else. I’m still
being invited for award functions and attending them too. I’m applauded for my efforts. I’m not
doing it the wrong way; I’m doing it my way. I might not be right on top. Yet, I’m almost there
when I’m not even trying to be there." 

"Success is being satisfied at the end of the day. It’s about working hard, giving it your best and
achieving a positive outcome from your efforts. You reap as you sow. But in our industry much is
left to luck."

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