Shraddha Kapoor Quotes

Shraddha Kapoor Quote


"Sometimes I miss going out like a normal person. I enjoy walking on the streets. Earlier I’d walk down to
Juhu market. I miss stepping into an auto and moving around freely in the city. I miss eating roadside paani
puri. But these are very small things. We actors are blessed and should have no reason to be unhappy. I have
a beautiful house, I have a career and people want to cast me. I’m living my childhood dream."

"I am a shy person in real life. I am not very social person. The only people I open up to are my family
and close friends. Over the years, I have become more vocal but at the core I am a reserved girl. Many
a times I think that I should change myself and become more expressive. People keep telling me to be
a certain way as I am an actor but if I don't have anything to say I can't. I come out as a shy, nervous
person and a little out of place because I need time and my space to become comfortable with someone"

"I’m a good combination of being both possessive and chilled out (as a girlfriend). I’d be possessive about
strange things like why didn’t he tell me this thing first. But I wouldn’t be insecure about other girls ever.
That’s not what I am all about."

"I can forgive but not forget. I don’t hold a grudge. There was this make-up artist who was temperamental.
I still used to be polite to him. Sometimes you need to make that extra effort towards people who hurt you
intentionally. They are the ones who need love the most."

"I miss going to the beach or to the market. I miss eating pav bhaji at Shiv Sagar with my friends. It’s a
high when people ask you for autographs. But sometimes it can be intrusive."

"Don’t try to be someone else. If you’re a freak, show that. If you eat like an elephant, do it. Just be yourself."

"If it’s a good movie and the script demands it (a kiss, or a bikini scene) then I’d do both."

"I cry! I cried so much when I was told not to rehearse for ABCD 2 because of my leg injury. I was at home all
day eating cupcakes. I gained so much weight. That made me feel worse because I had slogged so much to
lose weight in the first place."

"No one has opened their doors for me because of my father’s name. I’ve met several directors who know
my dad but they haven’t offered me a film. I have everything. I don’t even need to work. But I want to
make it on my own. I stopped taking money from dad at an early age."





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