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 Salman Khan Quote


“I live my life moment to moment. In that moment, I try to give my best because then your next
moment is better than your previous one.”

"If I am next to a door, I could open it for a girl, but I would actually rather open it for a child or
a senior citizen. I don't like going out for dinner as I don't like those cameras on my face and don't
like people taking pictures while I am eating. I don't like candle light dinners as I can't see the food.
Every time a candle light dinner happens, there is a problem as there will be some conversation on
marriage or some other conversation and I know that the candle light dinner will end in a fight. I have
been for candle light dinners only twice and both times, the same thing happened. Also, I can't go out
and hold the hand of my girlfriend in public, as I feel that holding hands in public is a public exhibition
and showing off of your relationship to others and I don't need to do that. I have never seen my father
hold my mother's hand. In fact just recently he started holding her hand, as she needs a little bit of
support to walk. I feel that what you can't do in front of your parents you should not be doing outside."

"For me, 'like' as a word is hundred times more powerful than love. Love is old; it's just another word

for need. It's just like saying you want something. It is really important to like the person, to know
the person."

"Nobody has sent me a proposal (for arranged marriage)! If somebody does send me one, I will
seriously consider it. I am open to arranged marriage. Sometimes, love marriages don't work and
arranged marriages do. And sometimes, it's the other way around. It depends on the individuals,
how they go about their lives, how compatible they are."

"I always get so close to a wedding. God has been very kind. You can ask most married men and they

will tell you what I mean. But one day my luck will run out. I hope it runs out soon. But more than
marriage, having children is on my list, if I can figure out how to have those without marriage."
"I want to have kids. But I want to have kids without a wife. Then again, I also want my kids to have
a mother." 

"Positivity gives me a boost to do better. Negativity gives me a boost to try and prove people wrong.
So I use both of them positively."
"Everybody puts their best foot forward usually. Plus, everyone has their set of negative qualities.
It’s best to focus on the positives. It’s not like I have to marry the person. I have many negative
qualities too. So if you like a few good qualities about someone, stick to those. Let the negatives be." 

"It’s a nice feeling to make and break records but one shouldn’t get too used to it because it’s not
going to happen every time. So no point competing with previous records. I believe we should work
hard, try our best and then let people decide if they like the film or not."

"If anyone has become something, it is because of his dedication. We have no right to put somebody
down. We don’t get along at all, but what is not right is not right. The fact that SRK comes out of his
house and goes to work provides so many people with work…so who are you to take credit for that?"

"I wanted to be a director. I had started meeting people with scripts. One of those scripts of mine was
very recently destroyed by a dear friend of mine. It was called Veer. Anyway, every place I went to with
a script, they’d always tell me I should be an actor. They probably didn’t have faith in me as director.
They thought what will this 17-18 year old boy direct? What sensibility will he have?"
"I’ve grown up in the film fraternity. My dad is a film writer, so yes. But I never ever wanted to be an
actor because I didn’t believe that I could be one. I was very thin. I was 48 kilos. I could play sports,
learn martial arts and all, but screen presence wasn’t there. It took me years to double my weight.
Now I’m 78 kilos and sometimes I go up to 84 kilos when I train very hard."

"Basically you’ve got to be yourself, and just three or four percent larger than life, that is it. That is my
belief. That is if you have it, if you are successful. If you go a little over the top, then you are arrogant
and pompous."
"There is nothing erratic about my nature. It’s just that the way you would react, I would react the
same way. It’s just that people in limelight, under the media spotlight, would not react that way.
They would go back home and plan their reaction. That would be a more dangerous reaction. With me,
it’s just there, and I forgive and forget very easily."

"...I have this scar on my hand (points to shoulder). I see a lot of these guys who come with scars on
their hands. It’s ridiculous. With me it was an accident. These kids do it on purpose. You can’t prove by
doing such things that you are the biggest fan there is. I am myself thinking about getting a plastic
surgery done to remove this. I also get a lot of people writing to me with their blood. I have stopped
replying to those mails altogether."
"I don’t know what a star is. I never think about these things, because the more you think about them,
the more your ears get used to them."

"I was born and brought up in Bombay. Until I was 16, for a period of two to three years, every two or
three months, we used to go to Indore. So I would, in a year, spend a good four months in Indore on
the fields. All the style that I’ve imbibed in roles come a lot from the way I’ve seen my cousins behave."
"I don’t want Salman Khan to be remembered as a star, actor. That is not my priority in life."

"Bandra used to be full of cottages. All these buildings have come up now. There’s a green patch right
opposite Shah Rukh’s house, where we used to sit as kids. Now we can’t do that any more. That was
not his house then. It was Dubash Bungalow."
"Today it’s about where Being Human as a charitable trust can reach; how much good it can do, how
much I can help it, how much it can help me and how much it can help Indians. That is the main goal
right now. The products that we create, the money that comes in has to be used for good causes.
If money can save lives, then we should have enough money to save those lives."

"This space will die totally. I think this was a beautiful format where we had films like Wanted, Dabangg
etc. Now everybody has overdone it so much that it might die away. These kinds of films are popular but
the creativity is becoming less... It seems the same stuff is happening (every time in these films).
I don't know which genre will click now."

"If I ever have a child.. Insh'allah I will... I wish it's a girl. I want a girl child."

"I feel too much promotions can kill the curiosity surrounding a film. You visit a number of cities and
various TV shows to promote a film and finally end up saying the same things everywhere. It doesn't
make sense to me anymore. I would rather prefer to put the amount of money I spend on promotions
for some constructive use."
"If I stuck to my first girlfriend, I’d be a grandfather by now... I love kids… but with the kid comes
the mother. I don’t want the mother."

"I tried making films with messages. Now I’d rather send a text!"



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