Saif Ali Khan Quotes

Saif Ali Khan Quote

"Now I know that love is verb. It has to be practised. It’s not just a word. You are your actions."

"I have a psychological flaw. Nothing can hold my interest for too long. But the only thing that hasn’t
bored me in the past 20 years is acting. Everything else has bored me at some point or the other.
Sometimes I can be typically narcissistic, which is not healthy."

"I don't watch Hindi films! I don't know why... During my childhood days, I remember watching
Doordarshan and Nirupama Roy crying on screen. That time I decided to watch (Hindi) comedy films.
Then I saw my mother's film...even she was crying, and I didn't want to see her crying, so I stopped
watching it. When I started working in films, after shooting in them, I wanted to see something different.
So I don't watch Hindi films. I respect cinema but I don't watch Hindi films because I want to escape
from my work after I finish working."

"Happy endings happen only in films, in real life an ending means death and it's rarely happy. There can
be happy moments and with Kareena I have plenty of those. I love being an actor, but I don't enjoy
being a star. You can't go for a walk without bodyguards. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but this lack
of privacy can be chaffing."
"What attracts me to a movie is the director."

"I was lucky I grew up in a home where my mother (Sharmila Tagore)was a successful actress and my
father (the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi) a famous cricketer. There was life beyond movies, in terms
of conversation and experience. Stardom doesn’t last forever. The idea is not to end up lost and
depressed when it’s gone. You also have to enjoy life. Kareena’s a great partner to experience these
things with. We both have a similar spirit of adventure. Last time, we visited Florence. We travelled alone
with just a map in our hands. There was a warm sense of togetherness. We weren’t driving in a fancy
car. We were tourists. We ate pizza in a quiet place. We enjoyed all that."
"I’d advise all men to marry much younger and beautiful women. (Laughs) How is it a great thing?
It’s fairly obvious."

"A 43-year-old man is actually like a 25-year-old. Alec Baldwin said in 30 Rock, “A rich 50 is more like a
regular guy at 38.” You should be on the same energy level with your partner despite the age gap.
(Laughs) You shouldn’t be too tired and want to go to sleep when she wants to… go dancing!"
"If you’re lucky, you get what you want. And I want to work, I want to go on holidays, I like fishing and
I want to travel around the world. I think I am most comfortable right now in my life. I am better now
than three years ago, or five years ago."

"I've always wanted to be among the good looking people... doors open for them in a different way. But
I never was. I have grown into some kind of an acceptable and attractive personality on screen. It has
happened very recently, which is lucky because people who are good looking at 16, sometimes pack
up... if not at 30, then certainly at 40."

"Kareena told me that in Bollywood it's most important to look good. Your acting ability can be secondary.
It is a visual medium and certain heroic roles we get offered require you to look like you are capable of
doing these massively dramatic things."

"Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan have always been superstars and I respect them a lot.
I have maintained friendships with all the three Khans. I have spoken to them a lot and they all think
differently. Even my thinking is different."

"I can be extremely short-tempered and rude in a tense situation. When it’s easy to yell, I want to
learn how to be calm. I don’t want to be mean. Instead of shouting at people who’ve messed up, I
want to be able to graciously handle the whole thing."

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