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Ranveer Singh

--- About Ranveer Singh ---

Birth name: Ranveer Singh Bhavnani

Meaning of the name: Ranveer - The brave one, brave warrior, hero Of battle (Origin-Sanskrit)

Date of Birth: 6 July 1985

Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Sikh

Occupation: Actor

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

Marital status: Single

Father: Jagjit Singh Bhavnani

Mother: Anju Bhavnani

Sister: Ritika Bhavnani

Cousins: Sonam Kapoor (actress), Rhea Kapoor (producer)

Mother Tongue: Punjabi

Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, English

Marital Status: Married

Mariigae Date: 14 November 2018

Spouse: Deepika Padukone

Past love relationship: Anushka Sharma

Friends from film industry: Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University, Bloomington (US)

Activities: Playing football, playing video games, watching movies, expanding his music collection

Hobbies: Collecting fedoras

Fetishes: Sneakers and hats

Admires: Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan

Strength: His family

Weakness: Chocolate

Trademark: Muscular body, smile

Likes: Creative writing, playing football and theatre

Dislikes: Hospitals and needles

Bad habit: Eating too much of chocolates

His best pick-up line ever: "Is that a phone in your back pocket because that a** is calling me!"

Ranveer's tips to flirt well: "Definitely make her laugh, smell nice and don't be cagey."

Phobia: Of needles

Biggest fear: Losing his family.

Fashion fear: The speck on white sneakers.

First crush: Ms Melrose McGill. My first standard teacher. She was a short, fair Christian teacher.
Lasted after: Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce and Megan Fox

A quality in a woman that draws him: Genuineness and warmth; when a person is as warm, kind, caring,
sensitive and nice to everyone

The way to a woman’s heart: Her funny bone

The least expensive thing in his wardrobe: Rings with Christian motifs that Nitasha got him from Mount
Mary Church in Bandra.

The most expensive thing in his wardrobe: A suit or a pair of shoes or a watch.

The most cherished gift: "My sister gifted me a t-shirt that I wore the day my film released. It’s a t-shirt
from H&M. Plain white with bold red print that reads ‘Born To Be Famous’."

A queen of Bollywood according to him: Deepika Padukone

Best gift he ever received: A note from Amitabh Bachchan praising his work in Ram-leela.
Food item he can't resist: Chocolates

Debut film: Band Baaja Baaraat 2010

Debut Award: Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut for 'Band Baaja Baaraat' (2010).

Best movies in the career by now: Band Baaja Baaraat, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, Lootera, Gunday,
Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela...

If not an actor: A copywriter or a DJ; creative writer

Inspiration: Shah Rukh Khan

Fashion icon: Amitabh Bachchan

Ranveer Singh in his childhood

--- Favourites ---

Favourite subject in school: English

Favourite food: Chinese with desi tadka, Bhel puri

Favourite beverage: Coffee

Favourite dessert: Chocolate cake with Vanilla ice-cream

Favourite holiday spot: Goa

Favourite shopping destination: Online

Favourite subject in school: English

Favourite actor: Johnny Depp

Favourite actress: Kareena Kapoor

Favourite movie: City of God, Godfather, Andaz Apna Apna, Kill Bill, The Prestige, Raja Babu, 3 Idiots,
Sholay, Rang De Basanti, Lagaan, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, Taxi Driver, Life is Beautiful, DDLJ

Favourite TV Show: Friends

Favourite song: Fire starter by Prodigy

Favourite love songs: Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam from DDLJ and Aye Ajnabi from Dil Se
Favourite Bollywood real-life couple: Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan

Favourite singer: Michael Jackson, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Favourite cartoon characters: Peter and Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, Tom and Jerry, Johnny Bravo,

Favourite colour: Red and combination of red and white

Favourite book: Doesn't read at all

Favourite car: Pagani Zonda, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini murceilago

Favourite outfit: Sneakers, track pants and a t-shirt

Favourite party look: "Nanga (nude)! I love pool parties. Board shorts and sunglasses. Nanga party
is best party."

Favourite accessory: Hats; fedoras

Favourite brands: Rohit & Rahul, Adidas, Diesel and Gas

Favourite athletic brand: Puma

Favourite way of dressing: Retro

Favourite red carpet look: A three-piece suit

Favourite male co-star: Arjun Kapoor

Favourite sport: Football and cricket

Favorite fast bowler: Allan Donald

Favourite football team: Arsenal

Ranveer with his sister Ritika

--- Interesting Facts ---

--> Ranveer loves the fact that young girls like him. He is an absolute romantic at heart and falls in
the category of classic lovers. He enjoys making others feel special.

--> Ranveer moved to the United States to pursue his Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana
University, Bloomington.

--> He had always wanted to be an actor, and after joining school he started participating in the school
plays and debates.

--> Once when he had gone for a birthday party, his grandmother asked him to dance and entertain
her. Singh remembers that he suddenly jumped in the lawn and started dancing to the song "Chumma
Chumma" from the 1991 Bollywood action film, Hum. He felt the thrill of performing and was interested
in acting and dancing.

--> After completing his studies and returning to Mumbai in 2007, Singh worked for a few years in
advertising as a copywriter, with agencies like O&M and JWT.

--> For his role in Band Bajaa Baaraat, Ranveer was sent to Delhi University to draw inspiration for
his role of Bittoo Sharma.

--> Was a Head Boy in the shool.

--> Ranveer imitates the dancing style of ither actors very well.

--> He's a kind of person who is always first on the dance floor.

--> When Ranveer tells a joke, it's not just a joke, but always a performance.

--> He is constantly in front of the mirror, he would practice dialogues, he would recite, singing a song,
he would be dancing, he would just enjoy watching himself in the mirror.

--> Big fan of Hip-hop music.

--> Ranveer's father gave him a 'Prado' as a surprise gift a day before the release of 'Band Baja Baraat'.

--> Ranveer is a health freak.

--> He does 1000 skips everyday before he starts his workout.

--> Ranveer's photographer is his best friend.

--> He's fond of collecting clothes, shoes and caps

--> Has over 200 shoes and 100 hats.

--> Loves buying T-shirts online.

--> A patent Ranveer Singh look is sneakers, track pants and a t-shirt.

--> Ranveer dislikes black or white suits. He lieks experimenting with colours.

--> According to Ranveer the five must-haves in a man's wardrobe are: Plain white sneakers, a black
leather jacket, coloured jeans, crisp white shirts and a white tee.

--> He loves neon colours. He has neon caps, jackets and shoes. 

--> Before buying jeans, Ranveer try on at least 100 pairs. He never repeat his jeans, never wears
one pair twice.

--> If he is wearing plain-white sneakers, he can't handle even a speck on them. If it happens,
he'll excuse himself, go aside, clean it and be back.

--> Ranveer cleans his shoes himself.

--> Ranveer is now in a relationship with Deepika Padukone. He began dating her in 2013. 
They got married on 14 November 2018 in a traditional Konkani ceremony at Lake Como, Italy,
followed by a traditional sindhi wedding the next day.

--> On the last day of the Jaipur schedule for Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer was doing a dangerous
stunt on top of the horse, when he fell down. He tore the ligaments in his right shoulder. He
rushed to the hospital in Jaipur and the MRI revealed he needed surgery.

Ranveer Singh with Deepika Padukone

--- Personal Quotes ---

"I am usually a fun loving person and I say most of the things in a jest. Sometimes I get in trouble,
but over a period of time, I think people now realise that most of the things I say are in jest. They
are used to it."

"My relationship with my father has gone through different phases but what's remained constant is
my bond with my mother. I am a mama's boy. My dad was deeply involved in work when I was a
child. Plus, my teenage years were full of distractions. I was into all kinds of badmashis. Surprisingly,
my work has brought me closer to dad. Now, I seek his advice on a lot of things. I have become
mature. My work is very demanding but I make sure I have some quality family time. I am so close
to my family that they know my whereabouts by default. When we talk, there are no barriers.
Nothing's hidden."

"When the doctors first told me that I had dengue, all I could say was: 'F***, why me?' I don't like
hospitals and I don't like needles. They are my least favourite part of the treatment process. As many
pricks as one has to deal with, one never really gets used to them."

"I am an amazing boyfriend…the best boyfriend ever. I am an awesome boyfriend. I haven’t always
been an awesome boyfriend. I have been an idiot, but I have learnt, matured, improved and become
very, very good."

"I love being in love. It's the best feeling in the world. I have never felt like this before."

"I feel it is love. Dekhiye mujhe ho gaya hai lovaria (Look, I've got Lovaria)."

"All my ex-girlfriends have been gifted one special t-shirt. Sometimes they return after we break-up,
sometimes they don’t. The most special was the light blue Super Mario t-shirt that I gifted a very
special girlfriend."

"I have felt like this in the past also, but it's a strong feeling this time. When you feel so strongly then
you can say I guess I am in love. I don't know what is love, but what I am feeling is quite strong and
cannot explain it.

"I want to (get married), but I am not ready. I need to have some financial stability, settle down in
my career and give a few blockbusters before I can shift my focus to building a family."

"I am fiercely loyal and over- possessive, but I am learning to control my being possessive. I have
become quite mature though not as much as I would like to be, but have still improved tremendously.
I can't hide my feelings and it takes a lot of effort to be closed about things I feel for."

"To get attention in the frame, I had to take off my shirt, put in all this energy, change my look, but
I used to tell her (Deepika Padukone) when we watched the scenes on the monitor that she is so
visually stunning that the eye keeps going only to her. I can keep doing whatever hell I want, but
when I watch it, I don't look at myself, I only look at her."

"Such chemistry is only destiny. Our energies from the beginning were in tandem. I knew she
(Deepika Padukone) will be easy to work with, but you can't get your eyes off the screen when you
are looking at her. I love what I see. I only watch Deepika when I see the monitor. In the past, I
would only watch myself. It's the first time that I can't help but watch her."

"I don't have any inhibitions in life, either as a person or as a performer, which works to my advantage.
When you are doing a passionate love story, what drives the narrative forward is the palpable chemistry
between the two lead characters. You don't have to gear yourself to make that happen... it's either
there or not there."

"I get nervous and anxious about audience response but I distract myself by playing a sport, or a video
game, or by doing some workout. I also start responding to several messages coming in and that keeps
me busy. Basically, I see to it that I get occupied to stay off stress."

"I love everything about the opposite sex. Women are the most beautiful creation of nature. I am
getting a lot of attention from women these days. There is a marked difference from the way ladies used
to react towards me. If most women think you're hot, what more do you need?"

"I am a full-on romantic. I am naturally wired that way. I was born to be an aashiq. If I am in love, it's
aar ya paar. I will do everything for that person. Whether it's sharing my feelings through messaging or
showing physical affection. I am very expressive. I am a superb boyfriend. I'd give myself an A ++ and
a golden star."(Winks)

"When I revealed to the media that I'm in love, I was recovering from dengue and completely drugged
out. I was feeling really loopy. I didn't want to reveal so much but I have no regrets. At least, I spoke
the truth. I wasn't falsifying anything. I do think it was a little irresponsible of me. I shouldn't have
given an interview in that state. I guess I got caught in a weak moment."

"I don't expect much out of a relationship. My needs are very basic. I just need to be spoken to sweetly
and given a lot of warmth and affection. If things like advice, support and security come from it, it's a
wholesome and fantastic relationship."

"Till two years ago, I had no faith in the institution of marriage. I thought it was a defunct institution
and that it didn't work for modern society. But I don't know what's happened to me in the past two
years. My thoughts have taken a U-turn. I am not commitment phobic anymore. Now, I feel that one
can be committed to one person for his whole life. I can't wait to start a family. But I feel I am not
ready yet. Since marriage is a huge responsibility, I want to achieve a few things professionally before
I take the plunge." (said in 2013.)

"The term 'fun-loving' describes me best. There should always be humour and masti in the air. I don't
take myself or life too seriously. In fact, I feel great ridiculing people who do. The truth is I am very
sensitive and tend to get emotional about the smallest things. Since I over-extend myself in being
emotionally-attached, I stay away from all things serious. It works as a defence mechanism for me. I
express joy very freely but not sadness. I keep my lows to myself."

"I don’t like the preppy look. I’m not a preppy dresser. I hate the American tea party look. Where
you’re dressed in pink and light-blue sweaters. In America eight out of 10 people look the same.
Everyone’s wearing the same jeans, same brands and same shoes. Girls wear the same black colour
leggings with same side ponytails and side-shouldered top. Also I hate skinny jeans."

"There is no greater security than the love of your parents. Make it a point to spend time with your
family even if you have a busy schedule."

"When in love, let yourself go. There's no greater feeling than being in love. Everyone should fall madly
in love once in life, or you won't get to know life."

"I love good clothes. For me what is in trend or what is latest is not important. In fact, retro is a big
part of the way I dress. But I love to see fashion magazines and say, ‘Waah kya look hai’. I love clothes."

"Be a great boyfriend. Make your partner feel she is the queen of the world because women truly are the
best thing to have happened to this world."

"Don't discuss your disappointments with everyone. Learn from them. Have the courage to move on."

"Most of us often fail to value the simple pleasures of life. There's a certain joy in doing things like
walking up to a bhelwala and eating his sukha bhel, or watching a movie in a theatre instead of at home."

"I'm a cryer."


Ranveer and Anushka Sharma

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh Wedding

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