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"All first dates are supposed to be the cliched version, where there's anxiety, nervousness, excitement,
awkwardness, high blood pressure, low blood pressure. Best idea is to keep it simple, pick up the girl,
be polite, have a nice meal, talk, share but most importantly, listen. Be charming and listen."
"For me, intelligence comes out on the top. A woman's mind is far more capable and stronger than men.
I'm not saying this because of the recent wave of feminism. I feel I've always gravitated towards smart
girls who have a better outlook than me on every situation. Beauty, sensuality etc is great, but what
keeps you hooked is her mind."

"I really want to have a family really soon, I want to get married, I wanna be in love. I wanna love
person, I wanna make that person happy and I wanna have a lovely life with that person. But this
image which suddenly I have of this Casanova and this heartbreaker is a bit contradictory to how I
actually saw my life and how I would want to live my life. So I hope with time I'm gonna meet that

"There's nothing like being in love."

"I've been in 3 relationships in my life. I would like to believe that I was in love. I would like to believe
that the girl was in love with me, I would like to believe we were the best lovers in the world."

"I'm really shy. It's really hard for me to approach a woman and start conversation. I start stammering,
my knees start shaking, so I leave it to fate. If it's meant to be I will meet her again."

"I'm really possessive but I don't show it. It bothers me, but I try to be a braver guy, you know, a bigger
person and I'm like "No, I'm fine it doesn't bother me", but I'm very possessive, inside it is burning me
and I'm filled with jealousy."
"I want to make a war romance. An epic war story that has great war scenes. I’d love to take the war as
a backdrop and weave an epic love story around it. I get these visions and imaginative spurts but I’m
too lazy to write."

"Eventually I would like to direct a film. Writing though is not my cup of tea. I am too lazy to write a
script though I do have ideas. My grandfather, wrote, produced and directed a film when he was 21.
I am 30 and have just turned producer. So there have been people from my family who have achieved
more than I did. But I do believe that direction is a more satisfying job. As a director you can express
so many life experiences. Acting is easier than being a director or producer."
"If I am in a relationship and if I talk about it and in case my relationship doesn't work, that puts a lot of
pressure on the girl and her reputation. People get very judgmental and our society judges girls a lot."

"Of course, if I get married, I will not hide it, or even if I want to live my life like a free bird."

"Wherever you go people ask the same question. At times it gets difficult. You work so much on a film and
people only want to know about your personal life. I feel bad that they don't talk about your work, but it's
part of my job."

"I don't get upset about anything. I am an actor and today everybody is a photographer as everyone has
a camera. People want to know about you. When I was a child, even I wanted to know about my favourite
actor. So they will write about it."

"Yes, I feel bad when everybody is talking about your personal life, but it's part of my business. As an
actor we always want people to write about us and talk about us. And when they are actually writing, then
we say don't write about this. I am an actor, I am a public property. I don't own myself, public owns me."

"Thankfully, both my parents are from the film industry and a lot has been written about them when they
were dating each other. Of course, they feel bad when so much of negativity happens... At times, of
course, they (parents) must be feeling bad, but they don't say anything. They are very supportive."

"I want to become a superstar, but for that, I first have to be a super actor…The word ‘superstar’ these
days is used for anybody who delivers a Friday hit. Amitabh Bachchan and the Khans have worked for
many years. They have also given back to society. I am just 14 films and six years old in the industry.
I know I’ll achieve it in a few years from now and I’m arrogant enough to say that,but now isn’t the time."

"I am still groping, still struggling and still want to continue being an actor. I want to reach the heights of
stardom beyond my imagination. I don't see myself among the top five actors. So right now, I am not
happy or content."

"It is number one or nothing. Top five or top ten don't really matter to me because I want to be the best.
I am struggling but arrogant enough to believe that I will be number one."

"I think I have the best benchmark in my family and that is my grandfather (Raj Kapoor). I want to act,
direct, produce and this is just the beginning."

"I realised very early that being successful meant that I have to make my own identity, with my own
choices. So there was bit of a conflict between us but I want people to recognise me as Ranbir Kapoor
and not as Rishi Kapoor's son or Raj Kapoor's grandson."

"My life has become a reality show. When I am home, people are climbing trees with cameras. I feel
that my personal space is being encroached upon. I will try and protect it as much as I can. They even
declared that I was getting engaged on my birthday. I was shooting in Sri Lanka when the report came
out and I wondered what my parents would think about it. Media needs to be a little responsible. I
have got nothing against them and they have played a big role in where I am today."

"I believe in the institution of marriage, but one can't fix a time for it."

"I'm actually pretty shy in real life. But I guess in front of the camera I focus. It's very important for an
actor to be 'besharam' in front of the camera... Unless you express yourself fully you can't connect with

"I think there should be no difference between female and male actors. A female actor's contribution
to a film is immense. I can't speak for anybody. I am a producer now and I understand the economics
of a film. An actor shares profit as well as loss."
"I have a very long list and very high standards. He has to be a gentleman, he has to be intelligent,
someone I respect and funny,not stupid funny but witty funny,charming. Basically, a male version of me"
"I wish that she (his ex girlfriend, Deepika Padukone) is my friend all my life. She has moved on and so
have I. But you can't cut off a person from your life because your relationship is not working. She has
been a part of my life when I was growing up and we shared a beautiful relationship. I wouldn't like to
stay away from her because we are not together."

"I know Sonam (Kapoor) since childhood and I will always be fond of her. She is a bit of a drama queen
but I like her."

"It is so easy to get swayed by all the attention that at times it is necessary that you get back to the
real world... I have seen my father going through it. He was a leading actor for 30 years and then he
sat at home wondering where it all went."

"Some people say that I am successful, some find me good looking, but I just want to focus on my

"When I was new in the industry I spoke openly about my relationship. I feel when you do this the
spotlight is more on personal life than work. I want to protect my life. I don't want my life to become a
reality show..."

"I am single till I get married, I think I believe in that saying."

"I am very happy with the work I am doing. I am happy in my personal life with family, friends,
everything. I am not bothered with all this. I am not here to make or break an image. I am arrogant
enough to know that I am a good actor and people will like me for my work..."

"This Casanova image is there since quite some time... so when I get married in five or ten years, the
next actor after me who is single he will probably get that (tag). I am not trying to make an image, I
am an actor trying to sell movies..."

"He (Rishi Kapoor) comes from certain school of thoughts and wants me to do those kind of films. I want
to challenge myself as an actor and play different characters. I am whatever today because of the kind
of roles I have played till now."

"I tell everything to my parents, I don't hide anything. They are very supportive. I live with my parents.
When I have to take suggestions from them they are always there for me."

"I don't see myself ever leaving my parents. Also, I believe that a child needs both parents, so I will get
married when I am ready for a child. I definitely want to get married, but not immediately."

"I don't fear anybody except my father. I am fearless. I will fear if I don't get opportunities...if tomorrow
Imtiaz doesn't want to work with me or Anurag Basu doesn't want to work with me then I will be scared."

"First of all, I want to make it clear that mummy is not looking for a bride for me. I am doing it for
myself... I don’t think that in today’s times mothers look for suitable brides for their sons. He will do it
on his own. It’s his life. We only want them to be happy."

"You can write anything about me... I may feel bad or good about it as you (media) have created me.
I am a media created star. I can't have an opinion now. If I say something there will be 20 different
articles and point of views which will again bring negativity in my life. As of now I am happy in my life
professionally and personally."

"I am actor and when I was growing up I had a favourite actor. I also liked reading about their lives. As
an actor you have to be prepared (for it)."

"When I was in a relationship earlier I spoke about it freely, so the spotlight went away from my work.
All I want to say is I don't want my life to be a reality show. I have decided to take it this way."

"I hate celebrating my birthday. I feel there is so much of pressure that if it is your birthday so it has to
be special."

"Today's new generation takes its own decisions. I don't think I will go for an arranged marriage, but I
am not against arranged marriages."

"Personally, love is very important for me. There are lots of ordinary things in life, so love should be
extraordinary. I hope I achieve that."
"On all my dates, I pay. If there are couples who want to share the bill, it's cool. Or if the guy is broke
- he lets the girl pay- that's fine too. It totally depends on your own dynamics. Ideally a man should pay
out of chivalry."

"The love you have for that one special person in your life can't be shared. That's what you expect from
the other person too. In a man-woman, woman-woman or man-man relationship, monogamy is always
the best way to go."
"In the initial stages, the chase is exciting. When to respond to the text, why the other person has not
returned your call - this is part of the dating game. When the molecules and atoms in your body are
creating havoc - its all good and exciting. But, don't stretch it beyond a point. At the end of the day we
all seek a sense of harmony between two people."

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