Priyanka Chopra Quotes

Priyanka Chopra Quote

"I have always wanted babies. Lots of them. For that reason I want to get married, It is not fair to
bring a child to this world without marriage. Society is mean like that. I want to get married but no
one can claim me until someone really claims me."

"Heartache is a bitch man. You have to isolate yourself from the other person whether they have been
bad to you or you have been bad to them. You start with the little things. 'I need sleep, I need a good
book. I need to be with friends'. You have to start thinking about yourself. My heartaches have been
bad. There is no good way to end a relationship."

"I buy my own diamonds. When a guy comes into my life it will not be for diamonds. A guy will be in
my life only when I am in love. I don’t need a guy for anything else except for children."

"If my man cheated, I would probably beat the shit out of him first. I am the kind of person who would
get violent. Depending on how much I love hin, I may forgive or not forgive."

"Infideltiy in relationships should never be accepted. Marriage kya hai? Once you commit your heart to
someone, have the balls to confess to your partner instead of continuing to cheat on her. I would, if I
wanted to be with someone else. Because then you are stripping them of their pride. That is the
reason why Kashi was important to me. Why do people lie? Because they are scared to say 'I love
someone else'. It's your cowardice. Don’t be a coward. Walk up and confess. Give them the respect
because you have been in a relationship with that person whatever it may be been. That is the reason
why I am totally against and judgemental about infidelity and lying."

"Life is only difficult. I think it’s only tough when you say it’s tough and you make it tough.

Grace under fire is the true strength of a woman."

"I'm not perfect. I'm flawed and that's what is nice about me. When I was a kid, I had a big
self-esteem issue. I never thought I was pretty; I was the dark one in the family, my cousins were
fair... But I was the favourite because I was the eldest daughter. I'm still spoilt by my family, my
buas and my maasis. Coming back to being flawed, when you start accepting the fact, life becomes
easier. Sometimes it's just difficult to accept."

"As a person, I'm shy and reserved. So I will never make the first move ever. That is the guy's
prerogative. I will definitely drop hints though. Aur bande ko agar samajh hogi toh he will approach
(And if the guy has some sensibility then he'll approach me)."

"Once I'm in a relationship, then I'm all there... main goli kha loon kisi ke liye (I'll take a bullet
for somebody). I'm ferociously protective. I'm very possessive. What's mine is mine."

"You can’t control the people you love. You can’t control who you fall in love with. You could be cursed
with loving somebody who loves someone else. But if you can’t have love, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t
have it either.  I believe people who love each other should be together. If there’s no love, they should
not be together. If you love someone and he loves someone else, kya aap usse pakad kar rakhoge
jail mein? You may not be able to control your emotions, you may cry, cry and cry. But you can’t hold
on to someone, who is in love with someone else. What is the point? He is not happy, you will not be
happy. When you really love someone you don’t want them to be miserable. Forget them, will you be
happy? Woh banda hamesha sada hua hoga (the person will remain sour faced). And he will always
blame you for snatching away his love from you. There will be resentment."

"I don’t think there are any guidelines that you stick to in a relationship. When a relationship develops
in your life, it’s like a whirlpool. You can’t follow rules at that time. It surprises you every two minutes…
You can’t say if he does this I will break up. You won’t because you love that person. So why are you
making rules. Just go with it. Jo hoga, dekhenge. Love has to be crazy. Like I will kill someone and
pluck his eyes out, if they hurt the person I love. This is the only way to love. At least, this is the only
way I know."

"I can be angry about anything. Mostly, it’s for small things. Like my mother may say something and
I could get angry. All my phones have been smashed on the wall! When my brother (Siddharth Chopra)
sees me getting angry, he says, “Didi ka new phone aane ka time ho gaya hai.” But my anger lasts
just for 10-15 minutes. My temper is my biggest flaw. I utter rubbish when I’m angry, just about
anything that comes to my mind. I have a bad temper. I turn violently angry. I break things but my
temper lasts for just 10 minutes. Also I only get mad at people I care about. I always own up my
mistakes. Even if I’m stealing a bank, I can stand up and say that I did that. I have insane courage
of conviction. Again it’s a flaw."

"I like people. And even if I don’t like some, they will never know that. Nobody is that important in
my life that I show them that I do not like them. I will only nurse ill-feeling for someone important
to me. Other people are irrelevant. They come and go in our lives. You hate people who you love.
I would be angry with someone who affects me. I won’t be angry with random people. I’m a public
person. It’s their job to talk about me. It’s okay, thank you."

"I'll quit the day I become satisfied. I don't consider myself a star or an actor. I consider myself an

achiever. I just want to achieve... Maybe, I will be an achiever as a wife; I will be the best wife ever.
I want to be the best in anything that comes my way."

"I’m shy and reserved when it comes to boys. But yes, I have experienced one-sided love. The side where
a friend has fallen in love with me. It’s happened a few times actually and I haven’t been able to
reciprocate. Which is painful."

"I’ve never been afraid of the unknown. I’ve always been a little too curious. The reason I was sent to
boarding school as a child was because I had a habit of saying no. Do you want to go to school? No! You
shouldn’t go there! I will absolutely go there! I was such a brat! I like exploring unfamiliar territory. I like
the ocean at night. I like weird things. I like the combination of ice cream and cola. If I’m told something
can’t be done, I would want to do just that thing. I wanted to sky dive and bungee jump before I turned
21. Once I was an adult I’d be allowed to do it anyway, but I wanted to do it before."

"I surprise myself. I don’t plan my life. I’m a nomad like that. You could call me a hippie child. My life is
what I feel at that moment and at that particular time. Having said that I am also a control freak. I’m
at a juncture in my career where fortunately I work out my own schedules. I do what I want and when
I want."

"My guilty pleasure is my night time. I almost have like a ritual every night before going to bed. I need
to unwind for almost an hour before I hit my bed. Sometimes that hour extends to three hours or four
hours. That’s my ‘me’ time. "

"I trust my job. That’s the only thing I trust in my life. My work has stood by me like a rock. Whatever
ups and down may have happened in my personal life, my career has never faltered. So many times
people have told me, ‘Priyanka, it’s over’. I believe people should get over saying that. It’s never over.
Life can be whatever you want it to be. That’s the beauty of it. That’s what I find inspiring. That’s
where I draw my strength from. I’m not religious or spiritual like that. I don’t meditate; I fall asleep
when I try to. But I do believe in karma. When you work for something that’s when you are closest to
"I think one thing that I don't like is for everything you have to pay a price. People feel we have a
luxurious life, we have huge cars but at the same time your life is not yours and that's the price you
have to pay. I am a very shy and private person. I want my comfort zone. So, that gets difficult
being a star"
"I am not an ordinary star. Everything I do is sort of unique and I hate being clubbed as 'oh celebrities'.
I have a very unique personality. I like to do things which I want to do and I don't know whether
these things will turn out to be good or bad. But everything that I have done has been very unique to me.
I don't follow a path, I create my own."

"I have a low tolerance for rudness and cockiness. And I can't tolerate mediocrity either."
 "Writing comes from being inspired, it could be heartache or pain. I don’t like pain but I’ve written
that I do."

"You’re never mentally prepared to see your parents weak. For a daughter, her dad is always the
tough guy, someone who hates her boyfriend. To see him frail, shook something within me."
"I am very fortunate... Not every girl child is as lucky as me... I come from a very small town and from
a middle-class family. I don't come from an affluent background, I don't come from somewhere where
my life was about pubs and discotheques. Despite that, my parents gave me an opportunity to be
whoever I wanted to be, they educated me, they gave me values and they gave me a great life by
always going out of the way..."

"They (several girls) don't even have the ability to have a say or have a choice in their lives, or in what
their future will be. And that is something that deserves a change in this country..."
"But as human beings, we also need to accept that we are in a world where the child sex ratio in India
stands at 840 girls per 1,000 boys (as per 2011 census). It's ridiculous. I think it will take time for the
kind of change we're looking for. Of course, it will take time, but I'm not delusional and say we are
going to eradicate all ill practices. That's not going to happen."

"People just need to see others for what they are. They need to stop thinking that there's an agenda
behind everything..."
"I have never played sports in my life."

"I always end up doing something or the other which people turn around and said 'how did you do that?'
And I enjoy that, I get bored really easily so I need something that keeps me engaged."
"I've made so many mistakes along the way, but you just have to push yourself up again and that
happens when you don't have anybody telling you or guiding you or saying this could be a better way to
do it... when you learning on your own, you're bound to make those mistakes. So I guess I was never
at all, and I still am not (prepared)."

"I just want to make something which I'm happy with and I'm proud of, and present it to the world.
I'm a performer, that's what I do."
"I think people forget they're real people too and we might feel too. So that kind of hurts, I don't think
I've gotten used to it yet. I don't think I ever will. Besides that, I think, I have chosen to be a public
person so I do owe a certain amount of my life to people who have made me who I am.

"I am very private as a person and I believe that by giving a statement to controversies I am giving
importance to them due to which many more articles will pop up. Usually, they are very trivial things.
I get very hurt and affected by controversies. I am a very family girl and controversies affect my family.
I would rather just keep quiet."
"I am very black and white and have always been honest. I believe in honesty, but I don't believe that
the entire world should know about my personal life. I am very private which I think is my right.
"When people view break-ups, they feel broken and distraught. I deliberately didn't provide
a reason to the breakup in the ['I Can't Make You Love Me'] video. Two good people can come
together, but don't have to end up together. Neither was wrong; it just didn't work out. Hold your
head up high and move on. Life is too long to hold onto the past."
 "I love science, math, technology, robotics, gadgets and everything else in between. My favourite
apps are either quiz or music-based. I play Candy Crush when I want to do something mindless. 

"Be the best you can be, feel your best and look your best. Make him feel that you are his
‘home’. Do not nag or crib all the time. The family that you create is in your hands.  And if it
becomes a man’s business, then the relationship will never work. You have to keep a home
together; you have to keep love in the house."
"If you’re not loved back, it’s not really love, it could be infatuation. If he doesn’t love you,
it’s not love; it’s something what you desire desperately. That’s one thing women forget all
the time. You can put the other person before yourself but not at your cost."

"An actor is not someone who always looks beautiful but someone who can act. If you tell me
to be a wallpaper, I’ll be the best wallpaper ever. I’ll convince you that I am a wallpaper."
"Men believe that they control a relationship but actually we women do. Men are like kids. They want
to be pampered, loved. And if you do that you have an honest relationship. Honesty in a relationship
is most important. You have to be able to trust the other person with your life otherwise it’s not love."

"He (her man) has to be someone whom I respect, someone I look up to because I’m an achiever.
I could never be with a guy who’s not an achiever. I admire people who have drive, who have passion,
who want to do things. He has to be a gentleman. He has to be gentle, kind, smart; I cannot stand
the company of dumb men. He has to be witty. I’ll not compromise on that because I believe I’m
worth it."
"I expect such high standards from a guy that I’ll need the King of the World to come and sweep
me away. I don’t think there are many guys like that. They don’t really exist."

"I would never forgive (to a man) if he disrespected my family. Lies are forgivable when you’re in
love and in a passionate relationship, you tend to lie. (Laughs) But if a guy respects me, he can get
away with a lot."
"When you talk about a relationship, what I miss is holding hands - which actually I’ve never done
when in a relationship. I’ve never flaunted my relationships. I’ve never stepped out of the same
car... I don’t miss that but eventually I want that. In the limited relationships that I’ve been in, I’ve
been shy. I’m old fashioned, mujhe lagta hai nazar lagti hai. But I do want a commitment that I’m
confident about. That’s what I want from life. Someone I’m proud of and someone who’ll protect me.
Someone jiski chhatrachhaya mein I can stay."

"I’m shy. I don’t like to show people the chinks in my armour. Women in my family are raised like
that. Aurat mein sehenshakti honi chahiye. Agar na ho toh kisi ko dikhni nahi chahiye. Women
should always maintain grace, no matter how tumultuous life is. Like a duck or a swan, you appear
beautiful but beneath you’re paddling away. On many occasions I’ve gone to work completely numb.
But I make sure when I step out of my car, no one can see that. "
"I've been the saddest while I've been the most successful, strangely."

"I'm a lady, and as a girl, I was taught that women should be seen and not heard when it comes to her
trials, tribulations, strife, pain. So I'm very good at not letting things show. I'm private. When I come to
work, I do the best I can, in the best way I can. You'll not see me being weak. I don't like that.
"I think I am a very weird kind of person. Whatever is difficult I feel like doing that only. My mom always
says why stress yourself so much and work for 24 hours? I try and do what people don't expect me to do.
It would be easy for me to keep myself in a safe box which is expected as a heroine. I think it's more fun
when you push the limits."

"I felt great to be walking the ramp again. But whenever I walk the ramp for Lakme, It is scary. I am glad
it is over now... I met all my model friends backstage. They always give me tips like keep your head up
and walk straight while walking... There are so many actresses who are good. There is Bipasha, Lara..."

"I love the colour black. But I feel that being comfortable is very important... I think red lips are hot. The
only thing is that you must not wear too much make up with it. It is a quick way of making yourself look

"It has been a great journey till now. When I came here into the film business there was no one to support
or back me or help me. I was not from film industry, I was alone. Now that I am here I will protect them
(other Chopra sisters...I will make sure I am there for them. It warms my heart to see my cousins coming

"My work has been my biggest supporting factor... I have been working since the age of 17. After three
days of my father's demise I had started working,as I feel if you work you forget things and that is better
for me..."

"In the beginning of my career, I never knew acting. I have learnt everything in my career itself. When
you have gone to acting school, when you are in the film industry, there is some familiarity, but I didn't
have these familiarities."

"I am very critical of myself. Everybody says this 'I compete with myself' and I really do. You can call it
my selfishness, but I am not at all interested in others' lives. Whatever my contemporaries do or not do,
that has not influenced my career."

"I am happy that I've always got to do good work. I have got good films and that has nothing to do with
what anybody else does or not...I try and push myself as much as I can. I think I am very difficult
competition for me."

"I am very critical of myself. Everybody says this ‘I compete with myself’ and I really do. You can call it
my selfishness, but I am not at all interested in others’ lives. Whatever my contemporaries do or not do
that has not influenced my career."

"I don't come back home as much. I don't talk about it. I don't feel that I am strong enough to deal with
it yet. I went back to work four days after he (her father) died as work was my only solace. Maybe, I am
an escapist of sorts. I don't know if something like this can heal. This is the first time I had to deal with
the death of someone so close to me, and I didn't know it is so permanent. I have moved in with my
mom. I was always very close to my mom and was her laadli too, but mom and me have become a lot
more friends now. I understand what she is going through and she understands what I am going through
and we are there to comfort each other. The only difference being that while she likes to talk about him,
I like not to."

"He (her father) spoilt me silly. I had to just say something and he would get it for me. At the time when
he was in the army and I was a child, Barbies were super expensive. He made a deal with me that if I got
an 'A' he would buy me a Barbie. I was smart so I used to only get As and won myself 45 Barbies in a
year. Can you imagine what that means on an army man's salary? But he had promised me and he kept
his word. I earned my own money, but I liked it when my dad spoilt me." 

"While I may not be thinking of marriage right now, I’ve been planning my wedding since I can
remember! The ideal scenario would be getting married six times (to the same man, of course). I’ve
even decided the locations and ceremonies…"

"I’d value the advice of my parents as far as marriage is concerned. They’ve had such a wonderful
marriage that started off with an interesting wedding. Their advice would be real and coming from
genuine experiences. All said, I absolutely love the big fat Indian wedding. There is so much drama,
laughter, tears, dancing, eating and madness that I wouldn’t want it any other way. I promise to have
the biggest, fattest Punjabi wedding ever!"

"Diamonds are my best friends. I only buy jewellery that I will wear. I guess spending money on
jewellery is an investment."

"When someone gifts me a piece of jewellery, I like it to be something they have chosen for a reason.
It cannot simply be a beautiful design. There has to be significance to why they have chosen that
particular piece for me."

"I want to playback for some other heroine. I think it will be very interesting. If I like the song, I am
okay with (doing) it, but I should like the song. I am ready to playback for any actor. I think it will be
fun and very exciting."

"I want to do different things. I am a risk-taker. I want to be a game changer in my personal career.
I don’t want to follow anybody’s footsteps. I did music… I want to change the game. Maybe I will fail,
but at least I want to try."

"There are photographers on the airport to click you. So I change before I touch down. I have to wear
lipstick even if it's 3 in the morning because I know they are waiting.It's not that today being an actress,
I am concerned about how I look. I liked to be well-turned-out even when I was in school. My dad hated
it if I looked like a jhalli. It was a rule in our family for all the women, to be presentable and
well-turned-out... Even if they aren't photographers, I'm the kind of person people look at anyway

"I only go where my work takes me. I haven't done a holiday in years. But if I do, it needs to be a place
with a beach and a place where I can vegetate. That's when I'm most happy."

"Nobody is perfect... I am impatient, restless and emotional. I take wrong decisions sometimes because
of being emotional. I don't like early mornings. I don't have any schedule. I am fit but I am very

"I get very lost whenever I try to look at my life from outside, perhaps because I'm doing so many things.
I have my fingers in at least six pies. If I look at it from outside, I'm like, whoa! Are you taking on more
than what you can chew? But when I'm in the eye of the storm, you know, I can handle it."
"You know, I used to be the kind of person who could deal with the bigger things, and the small things
irritated me. Now, I'm saying, don't give me so much. I can't... I don't want the big things. I want a break
for a while. And by 'break' I don't mean I want a vacation. I want a break from big problems. Just let me
recover. I want to take care of small problems."

"Forget a week, I don't take a day off. I work Sundays, I work Diwali, I work New Year's. I don't know what
to do with myself on a holiday. I need schedules. I need to be told, you have to wake up at this time,
you have six meetings, you have dubbing, you have an event... since I was 17, that's all that I have
done. And I enjoy it. My work is my rush, it's my high."
"For me, it's not about being a star, it's not about being an amazing actress, or a great musician, or a
pop star. For me, it's about being an achiever. I want to achieve, kuch bhi ho. Press karni hai shirt? Main

best press karoongi."

"I do believe I'm attractive, but I don't think I'm conventionally beautiful. My mom used to read Ugly
Duckling to me before I went to sleep. I still remember the book, so clearly. I used to dream that I will
become the swan... And strangely, I have become the swan."
"I went to America when I was 12 or 13 to study. Eighth standard. And high school in America is like the
jungle. Like Mean Girls, the movie? This gawky 12-year-old girl who came from Bareilly was dropped into
this place, in Queens, a suburb in New York. Shootouts and all would happen. I was scared. I was petrified.
I didn't understand the culture at all. We would just take our tiffin from home to school; ordering food
and being served seemed bizarre. And everybody had their own groups with whom they would sit there and
all that. And so I was so scared of going to the cafeteria that I used to have lunch in the bathroom! I would
take things from the vending machine, chips etc, and go and hide in the stall. That's how I had lunch, for
a month, till I made a friend..."

"I know I'm flawed - but perfect is boring anyway! Flawed is good!"
"I always start my looks with shoes."

"Nobody makes films for themselves. We don't make films to sit and watch with our families in our
drawing rooms. We want commerce, we want the money, want to be successful. So I pick films which I
believe in, which I think will be successful and at the same time to give me an opportunity to
challenge myself."
"I get bored doing the same thing. In my films too, my characters are always different looking be it
'Agneepath', 'Barfi!' or in 'Gunday'. I enjoy versatility and variety. I am not like others... I don't follow
rules and paths. I make my own rules."

"I came into the movie business with no help and no one to guide me. I take pride in the fact that
I am self-made and I have become tough over the years."

"There is so much more that I have to do and which I will do. As long as people watch me or want
to be entertained by me, I will find ways of entertaining them as I am a performer and that is what
I intend to be."

"I didn't want to be someone who gave up something to gain something else. I think as women,
we can multi-task really well. And that is exactly what I intend to do. I hope to be able to balance
both my careers. Both are very important to me."
"If something interesting (from Hollywood) comes along (I may take it up). I am not someone who
will just sit and say, 'I want to do a Hollywood film just because films come my way'. I don't want to
do a small part in a big film just because it is a Hollywood film."

"I don’t share much with people. I keep to myself. I’m extremely sensitive and I get hurt in huge
measures. But I am in a tough job where everything is under a scanner. If you have to protect yourself,
self preservation kicks in. "

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