Preity Zinta Quotes

Preity Zinta Quote

"Whenever something in life is not on the right track, depression automatically sets in. But
I can’t be sad for a long time. I am a happy person."

"I will be the most amazing wife."

"I don’t know, but I never wanted to be an actress. Till date my mother tells me when I was
a little kid I told her I wanted to be the Prime Minister, a cop or even a judge. I even said I
wanted to join the army or be a truck driver, but I never said that I wanted to be an actress.
I went from criminal psychology to being an actress and then into cricket."

"I got hooked to cricket, and even wanted to open a school of sports. But my dear friend, also the
director of the film, Prem R Soni, pulled me out, and convinced me that I belong in films, and at least
should produce on if not act in it."

"People in India like to touch a lot. It’s not very nice for any girl to be touched by strangers wherever
they want. You wouldn’t do that to your sister or mother but just because one is an actor, they think
she is your property."

"If I can be my crazy, wild self in front of a person and he still likes me, that’s romantic."

"I always believe that as an actor I can add a lot of things to a role but the role itself has to have its
own definition."

"Life today is very fast. But fast doesn’t mean there isn’t depth in people any more. You still want the
simple things in life that make you smile. It is just that the way of getting those simple things has

"I am probably the only actor who is friends with almost every actor."

"Some people might admire you and some will be jealous but there is always criticism."

"I am a very competitive person. I do things to prove something to myself and not to the world. The
competition is with yourself."

"I think people always remember the one wrong thing that you have done against the ten good things."

"I learnt one thing in the industry—that when you are nice to people, people are also nice to you."

"I have always been honest and forthright. I don’t play games. If a film maker approaches me and if
I don’t like the script, I clearly tell them that I can’t see myself fitting into the character, rather than
give lame reasons and delay by saying I don’t have dates."

"I have also learnt to shut up at times when my opinions are not required. I would like to share my
opinions with someone who appreciates them."

"I believe Shah (Shah Rukh Khan) is my lucky charm. I started my Bollywood career with him in Dil Se.
He was so supportive. When I decided to be a part of IPL, he was there too and now my film
(Ishkq In Paris) is releasing on his birthday."

"When I started with IPL, everyone was like how can you be the number one actress and leave
everything. But that time I wanted to follow my heart. I was not getting excited about acting and films

"I live my life for myself. So when I am old and dying, I will tell myself, ‘I lived my life the way I
wanted to.’"

"Par ab koi nahi hai toh what do I do? (Right now I don’t have a boyfriend) Plus, with cricket, films and
production, who has the time? Though one day, I will definitely get married."

"I try to be realistic, and use my head, but my heart is more dominant. I try to keep the balance
though. But head or heart, I live on my own terms. You have only one life, so have the courage to
make a choice and then stick by it. That’s my thumb rule for life."

"Life’s all about parties and fake friends when you are successful, but it’s when you fail that you learn
the most. So, I will have these lessons held close to heart on my innings here."

"I have a very low opinion of women who are home-breakers. They affect not only a relationship
between husband and wife, but emotionally scar the childeren too. So, I hate these star-clinging
actresses who use men as ladders to reach to the top. I have made it to the top on my own and
see no reason why anyone else can’t?"

"People treat charity like a calling card; they use it as and when they feel like, without knowing if their
efforts go in the right direction. I personally believe that charity has to reach the person who needs
it the most."

"It’s very important to make mistakes, otherwise you won’t know the other side of life. Fortunately, all
my mistakes have been constructive."

"These days I get scared telling people that I am single because when I say that, I get linked to
everybody I meet. So I have a new strategy today – when people ask me if I am single I say ‘I am
dating somebody and it’s a big secret’ as that’s safer than saying I’m single. I am very happy in my
space. When I get married I will tell everyone because I have always been honest about what I do.
Yes I will get married and have amazing kids."

"I am still the go-to girl for chirpy roles. Some I find refreshing… But chirpy roles are something I won’t
be able to dodge till I am 80 years old."

"Yes my decision to jump into cricket at the peak of my career and staying out of films for so long is
rather spontaneous. That’s how I got into films too."

"I think I am the only heroine who has a fracture or a cut or a bruise or a tape on all her pictures from

"The age difference between me and my elder brother and me and my younger brother is one and half
years. And till the age 12-13 a girl is like a boy only, especially if she grows up with boys! You know, I
learnt to be say things right on a person’s face from guys. I sort out things there and then and forget it,
unlike other women who keep silent and keep it inside them."

"I have been working on myself since I decided to get back to entertainment. When you are acting and
in front of the camera and you know you have to wear a short skirt or your midriff is showing you don’t
want to be looking bad. But in cricket it was all about wearing jeans a t-shirt. I had put on seven kilos!"

"I think people like to exaggerate my bubbly image. O.K., I am a happy-go-lucky person but like
anybody else I have my ups and downs. I am a normal human being who believes in living life to the
fullest. That’s it!"

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