Parineeti Chopra Quotes

Parineeti Chopra Quote

"Okay, this may sound cheesy but it’s true - love keeps me going. Like when I’m in love or I’m getting
love… it could be from a boyfriend, from my family, fans, when I’m at an event or it could be a hit film,
where my work gets appreciated and I’m loved. When I know that someone’s there for me, it keeps me
going. I’m a person who needs love all the time. I also love people passionately. So I give love all the
time. There’s no materialistic thing in this world that can keep me going. The day I feel lonely or if I
feel less loved, I’ll be depressed for sure."

"My first love was in the university. I had completely fallen in love with this guy I was dating. I thought

I would marry him. I believed he was the one."

"I won’t get into a relationship until and unless I’m completely into someone. When you’re in love, things
change. I’ll be a fun girlfriend. It’s great to have someone to share stuff with, have meals with, etc.
A relationship shapes you, helps you mature. Being in love always keeps you happy. Also, the problems
which you go through in a relationship make you wiser and stronger."
"It’s not difficult (being a single girl in the city) but I do wish I had a boyfriend. Honestly, I miss
having a love life. It’s damn frustrating not having someone to call up or just hug or be there for
someone. It’s sad. Otherwise, I like my independence."
"I always speak my mind. When I talk to someone, I speak bluntly. I don’t like to filter things. People
usually tell me how can you talk to someone without thinking anything. But I am like that only and I
won’t change."

"I’m a very bad cook. I love to eat but hate cooking."
"It (romance) needs to definitely be shudh. Desi or videsi, I don't care. It needs to be a healthy,
happy relationship. It has to be a person you are genuinely compatible with, genuinely in love with,
a person who is your 'go to' person. And he becomes your companion for life. That is important."

"I do have orthodox parents. In their opinion, a live-in relationship is wrong because primarily there
is pre-marital sex involved. There is fear of pregnancy and fear of society judging you, there is fear
of family cutting ties with you. It's drama and it's true, they are not wrong. They come from a very
different generation. And I would never do it only because I would not want to hurt their sentiments.
But in my own mind, I know that if I have a child and if he wants to live with the person he loves
because he is alone in the city, great."

"I am genuinely a broad-minded person. I don't have taboos in life about what is wrong and what is
right apart from things like smoking, which I feel is bad for health. Apart from a very few things like
that, I don't have any wrongs and rights in life. I just want to take it as it comes. Who knows how long
you are going to live in life? Just live the way you want to, you know. That's what I feel."

"I don’t think I am a star at all. I think it comes with too many years in the profession. It will be
absolutely stupid if I think or say I am a star. According to me, a star is a person who can’t walk on the
streets. Salman Khan, for me, is a star. An Amitabh Bachchan, who has probably not walked the
streets of Juhu in the last 50 years... that, to me, is a star."

"If I had to choose (whom to flirt with in Bollywood) then it would be Ranbir Kapoor..."

"I’m a person who believes in quality and if that means spending a little extra and not buying street
clothes to buy a particular brand, then yes, I would do that. But I would not wear branded clothes
because it is “that” collection or “that” summer / fall line. I don’t even understand all of that. I like to
wear high-strreet brands because they are very much my style. They are cool, chilled, thin materials,
bright colours and very good quality."

"The five things you would always find in my bag are my Nivea Total Face Cleanup face-wash, my
mobile charger, I will always have a lip balm and I will always have a lot of perfume because you should
always smell good."

"I'm a huge foodie so if I have really tasty food, I’m happy for hours."

"Priyanka (Chopra)eats more than me, but her metabolism is amazing. Touchwood, she never puts on
weight. She was like this since her childhood. I was fat since I was a child. She is blessed with great
metabolism, so she doesn’t put on weight. I easily gain weight."

"I am a Punjabi and I love food. I was very fat and I used to wear size 36 jeans. Now I have to work
out and I hate that."

"I’m damn lazy, and if it weren’t for films, I would be the fattest person around."

"I’m the kind of person who finds it hard to say the right things. Now, I have started taking a little care
of what I say."

"I’m a secure person. I’m selfishly secure. I care only about my work and my films. I want to be better
than what I was in my previous film. I was fat before, now I want to look thin. I concentrate on myself.
I want to do a better job than what I did yesterday."

"I’d never be able to forgive someone who was unfaithful to me."

"For a boyfriend, I would like a guy with whom I can have every conversation under the sun, someone
who can make me laugh. And he definitely has to smell good. That is a major criterion. I cannot stand
men with body odour."

"Now it is my endeavour that I lose some weight because from the beginning only (since my debut in
2011), I was put in the category of over-weight actresses. So now I want to wear good looking clothes,
want to look good on screen. I think I was a bit over-weight in my first two-three films."

"For me, I think humour is something important. He needs to be born with good humour. Whether he
has good looks or not, is not always so relevant. When it comes to money, I can earn it."

"My endeavour is to lose weight. I was always put in the overweight category. Earlier, I ignored it and
thought I should focus more on acting than all these things. But, it was stupid on my part to think that
way, because one has to look good."

"When I had entered the industry I was big and used to fit into that size category. Now, I feel I am not,
as I have lost much more weight and look better. I don't want to be in that weight category... I am
working very hard to become thin. I feel I am skinny now."

"The body type affects what I wear and I can't get best dresses for myself. I can't wear sleeveless,
because I would look fat in it. I want to lose even more weight and look better in real life. On screen
if I have to wear shorts or bikini for a scene I should have the body for that. I am 25-year-old and
there is no reason for me to look fat. I want to look great. I am taking care of myself and I am losing
even more weight because I want to look better."

"If you felt I was enjoying it, I must be doing a bloody good job! I actually don't enjoy intimacy on
screen because it isn't with people I am dating. And the kind of person I am, nobody hits on me- they
are all cool buddies. I am not a flirtatious person."

"I am a drama queen in real life too but I don't take this terms in a negative way. It is a positive term
for me. I stay happy don't take life seriously."

"The word 'drama queen' is very positive for me, because I am like that. I am very outspoken, I talk
loudly, I am always happy and smiling...I do a lot of dramas and I don't think it's a bad thing!"

"I will act and give my best with all my dedication. I will do everything that is required from me but if
people get bored of me, I can't control their emotions. So that fear is also there."

"I want to be the best actress that I can be without becoming an arty one. I want to be a commercial
and great actress. Rani, Kajol and Deepika are great actresses including my sister Priyanka Chopra."

"I crave a new dish every day. I can’t eat the same thing for two consecutive days. If you’ve served
me an egg yesterday then you better prepare it differently today. Usually, people prefer eggs without
the yolk (for dietary reasons) but I enjoy my egg only with the yolk because that’s what has taste.
I don’t care about being fat."

"People are not real here (in the film industry). It’s my biggest disappointment. I thought it was a
myth when people said that friendships are superficial here. But everyone is insecure and rightly so.
We are dependent on our audiences for appreciation. There’s a lot of competition and because of
that relationships turn fickle. It’s a chain. As a person, I’m not cut out for this industry. I’m a private
person. My personal life – be it my love life or my travelling - is most important to me. My friends
are important. Maybe I’m not that ambitious or competitive. But when on a set, I’ll give my 100
percent. But once the shoot is over, I want my life. It’s annoying that people aren’t genuine here.
But I don’t blame them. Maybe others think I’m not genuine."



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