Madhuri Dixit Quotes

Madhuri Dixit Quote

"I believe love is love. One should live and let live. That’s my philosophy in life."
"I think the magic was in the way it was conceived. It was a beautifully written scene (the ‘Aur paas…’
scene between her and Shah Rukh Khan). Of course Shah Rukh enacted it very well. It also was very
different from the intense romantic scenes I had done before; perhaps that’s why it stands out even

"People say ours (Madhuri and Dr Sriram Nene) is an arranged marriage. In a way, the meeting
between me and Mr. Nene was arranged by our parents but eventually it was the two of us who decided
on the marriage. We met and went out together for a few times. We dated for a while and then agreed
to marry. It wasn’t like abhi mile, aur ab is se shaadi karni hai. That’s what I would call is an arranged
marriage. Like the ones in which you just see the photographs of your would-be spouse and then go
ahead and marry. But that didn’t happen with us, I knew him pretty well before I said yes."

"My movie career is far from Ram and my production house RnM. That’s my area of expertise and the
decisions are made by me. His management is restricted within our production house. Dance With
Madhuri is our big project together and this is where Ram takes care of the technology and I take care
of the artistic side. I go to our office for a few hours as all decisions are made there. But he is my
husband and I discuss everything about my life with him."

"Mumbai is like Manhattan. There’s a certain pace, a social life and the thrill of a professional life. Given
our background, there’s a great amount of professional growth in this city for both Ram and me. We
have our roots in India, in this city and an infrastructure in place to kick-start something in a big way.
So naturally I see much more opportunity here than in Denver. In Denver, I was a homebody, and
that’s a life I’d chosen with great happiness. I wanted that break from the arch lights and focus on
building a lovely home, have some fun, look after my kids and do things that I had missed out on
while pursuing my dream. But I miss Denver, especially the mountains, the cool air and the sprawling

"I want my website to be like Wikipedia. I’ll try and teach every form of dance. Be it freestyle, salsa,
hip hop, Bollywood dance or Indian classical — you name it and it’s all going to be available under
one umbrella."

"I am a multi-tasker. I can do two things together. I am very strict with myself and my kids too. I
handle my diet and I am responsible for my health."

"I am a very hard working person. I am creative. I like to dance and act. I love whatever I am doing."

"I love Madhubala's smile and I think it is the best in the industry."

"My kids love dancing. They just dance around the way they like it, they have fun. They have been
dancing to latest Bollywood numbers. Even my husband dances good, he can move around on the
dance floor. But he has not learned dancing."

"The whole world is male dominated, not just this industry. There will be this difference, but it is up to
a woman to make a mark for herself and fight for her rights. Woman has to work two times harder than
men to prove herself again and again. That's the reality of life."

"This city has given me everything. It was destined that one day I would return. My parents knew that
I was happy in Denver but they wished that I come back as they were getting older. The USA is nothing
more than an alien land."

"I am not scared of anyone and definitely not of failure."

"I am not particular about my looks. I look horrible when I have had a late night. When I have to
attend an event or I am at the airport, I make sure I look presentable because your fans can click your
pictures. Earlier, we would step out even in oily hair. Now we can’t afford to."

"I don’t want my kids to take anything for granted. They should respect what they have. There are
many children who need things badly, which my kids get easily. When they waste food it upsets me.
Good habits have to be inculcated early."

"I am not on a signing spree. I am not here to do lots of films. I just want to do films which I am
passionate about. If I find a script that I feel very strongly about then only I will do it."
"It’s not about being ambitious; it’s about wanting to be creative. I am like a busy bee. I want to be
the best in whatever I do. If I’m with the family, I am completely with them. I want to be the best
mom. If I am on stage, I want to be the best performer. If I am doing a film, it has to be my best."

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