Agar Mere Paas Paisa

  • Song: Agar Mere Paas Paisa
  • From movie: Tadipaar
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 1993
  • Uploader: Nadera
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- English Translation -

Music: Nadeem-Shravan
Lyrics: Sameer
Singer: Vinod Rathod


Agar mere paas paisa hota aisa hota 

If I had lots of money, I wonder how it will be

Agar mere paas paisa hota socho jara kaisa hota

If I had lots of money, Imagine how it would be

Ik bangla ik gadi ek ladki wo bhi kuwari

One bungalow, One car, And a beautiful girl too

Are masti karta mauj manata ek pal na khota

I won't miss a single moment without having fun


Lutta khushiyo ki bahare dil agar kahta

I could have chased my dreams if my heart would have said

Sapno ka ek sahar banata usme mai rahta

I would have built a city of dreams and live in it

Raaj karta is dunia pe raja ban jata

I would have ruled the world and be the king

Aasman se chand sitare tod ke lata

I would have brought down the moon and stars from the sky

Pyar ke nagme jhum ke gata

I would have  sung to the tunes of Love

Roz nayi mahfil mai sajata

Everyday will be a new festival 

Chanchal saukh hasino ki baho me mai sota

I would have spend my nights with pretty girls


Pyar ki khusbu mai lutata is zamane me

I'll spread the fragrance of love, to this world

Bas mera hi zikar hota har fasane me

Only my name would have been mention in every story

Har taraf khushahali hoti gam mita deta

There would have been happiness everywhere, no signs of sorrow

Is jami ko swarg se bhi sundar bana deta

Our earth would have been  more beautiful than heaven

Hoti meri shame suhani 

My evening would have been delightful

Muskura ke katty jawani

I would have spend my youth happily

Hasta or hasata yaro koi na rota

Would have made everyone laugh and wouldn't let anyone cry


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