Katrina Kaif Quotes

Katrina Kaif Quote

"When I am not shooting, with whatever time I get which is not that much, I try and train. It's something
I really enjoy. For me, a gym is not just about fitness, it's also a kind of stress buster in a way for me so
that's something I do in my off time when I am home. If I still have more time then I really like watching
TV Shows. There are a lot of shows that I follow. You know you start watching a few episodes and then you
don't get a chance to finish it so when I get time I follow those."

"My greatest fear is that if and when I get married and I am standing at the altar or the mandap,

he may not love me completely. That he may not know his mind well enough to be making those
commitments. The anticipation of heartbreak is my only fear."

"I wish I could see myself five years from now. Hopefully, with the person I love and still doing good work.
I would love to continue working or else I will go mad! You don’t need to stop working after marriage
anymore in Bollywood. At least till your child is born. I can’t sit at home doing nothing so work to me is
more important to me than anybody can imagine. Look at so many successful actresses working after
marriage... Kajol, Vidya, Kareena... You just need to be on the top of your game. That’s all."

"I am half the time daydreaming and my mind is somewhere else and that's a bad habit that I need to

try and change. I also have high expectations from people that I like and thus can get deeply disappointed
if I am hurt by them. And my emotional reactions are quite dramatic."
"I am very emotional and incredibly sensitive. I am actually very sensitive, shy and emotional, but
closed to people who I don't know. So people who don't know me may feel that I am not a warm, friendly
person, but I just have to know you and if I like you, then 99% I will love you till the end of my life and
it would be very unusual if anything can change that."

"I still have a lot to discover about myself, but I know that I am intelligent. I have invested a lot of time
from a very young age in actively pursuing work and wanting to establish myself in the world. Financial
security was important to me and it was important for me to become something."
"I'm not on any of the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. I guess my life is not an open

"If I live my life under the pressure of the media, then that is my weakness."

"I’ve never made a plan for my life. I have just taken whatever opportunities have come and been very
genuine with them."

"I guess for now my mantra is live to work more than work to live."

"I'm not so madly in love with the idea of being in love anymore. The idea of being in love sounds very
yesterday. "

"In day to day life, I don’t really wear any jewellery. But when I attend an event I have a performance,
I prefer wearing something light and not overbearing. It’s more about comfort than anything else."

"When I was 17, I bought a simple and an inexpensive bracelet for my mother with the money I’d made
from an advertising job. What I cherish more is the silver chain with a silver cross that my mother bought
me when I was eight. During my next trip back home, I’ll definitely browse through my grandmother’s
collection and pick up a souvenir of an ornament!"

"I have been told by friends that I dress like a ‘jhalli’ unless it’s a big event. Karan Johar says I should
hire a personal stylist who will put together stuff and accessories by ‘stepping out of the house’. I tend
to believe in my comfort more than following what’s in style."

"I am single until I get married. This sentence was mine and now everybody uses it. I should have a
copyright over it. Also, I have no plans to get married yet."
"I live my life exactly the way I want to. Nothing stops me from going out or being anywhere that I want
to be. I am doing whatever I want to do. I do not live my life according to any restrictions whatsoever!
I just don’t want to speak about it in print because I can’t see one logical reason to."

"God has helped me achieve a lot of my dreams and ambitions that I had set myself out to do. I wanted
to achieve this against what people thought I could achieve, given my limitations. I learnt that with
hardwork, you can always get and achieve what you want, but there are times when no matter how hard
you work and what you do, how much you want something, there will be things you cannot change and
you have to accept that. And the great thing of getting through that time of your life is that you know
that things are not as bad as they may seem at times and you can go through a lot and still be happy.
And still survive and still be strong and still come out."
"The only time I get emotional when it comes to work is when you become friends with a director and
feel hurt if he doesn't take you in his film."


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