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Kareena Kapoor Khan Quote


"I feel that love is something that you can't term. There is passion, there is lust... there are so many
things. It can happen between two human beings... Now if somebody is Hindu and he or she starts
loving a Muslim person, you can't stop them. You cannot ask somebody, 'Are you a Muslim or are you
a Hindu?' and then fall in love. Love is a feeling, it's an emotion. That's why I don't believe in
Love Jihad. I believe in the feeling of love."

"What works for another actress might not work for me. What works for me may not work for
someone else. Every actor is different. I couldn’t have been part of The Dirty Picture. I don’t have
the courage or boldness for that. But for me it’s a challenge to be part of a film like Golmaal. It’s
an honour to be part of Singham Returns. It’s unfair to comment on others. Comparisons are boring."

"I have done many films for friends. Now I want to do them for the sake of the story. But I have
no regrets. For me a film’s never a mistake. I always think from my heart."

"My only confession is that I bite my nails and I’ve been doing that since I was like six-years-old.
Nothing has changed for 25 years!"
"We do not feel insecure. This is my professional life and my personal life has got nothing to do with it
(professional life) at all. They are two separate areas of my life. There is no insecurity that I feel (when
Saif getting intimate with any heroine). He is an actor and that is his job. He should get intimate with other
actresses. If it is a romantic song he should look like a romantic hero. He should look good all the time
(with his co-stars). I want him to do that and vice versa."

"Our ideologies are modern we are very modern in our approach. At the same time, family and traditional
values matter to us. Saif is very traditional... He has lot of family values and that is the way I am." 

"I think I have learnt to understand life a lot more, enjoy life more. And realise that there is a life beyond
films. And it is nice. I like travelling and I want to play a sport. I have never ever learnt to play any sport
in my life, I want to now... and it is never too late to try different things."

"Saif was saying we should learn how to play tennis. It is good to learn a sport. I don't read books much but
I do google facts whether it is music or arts or anything. I started doing that now. I think there is so much
more to life."

"I don't like action films, they don't excite me much. So I don't know ... not sure. I did it once in 'Tashan'
and that is enough."

"My relationship with Sara and Ibrahim (Saif's kids) is the way it should be. It's a strong bonding and we
are very good friends."

"Saif is still in touch with his professors and teachers. These days people party with the same industry
people and want to be with them but we don't attend many parties. It's important that we should meet
normal people too."

"I am very dedicated to my work but at the same time I have also lived my life. Each actor gets so lost
in the competition and the glamour of this industry that they are always chasing success. I don't think I
have ever chased success. I have lived my life along with my career. My parallel life is always there with
me. I don't go away from reality."

"I don't know why people feel that I am snooty. I am not a person who has ever given an interview on
image building. I have never been that person as I am very confident of what I do. People do PR but
I get completely foxed. I don't know how to do it. I stay away from the limelight as I think my work
should speak on my behalf."

"My parents are very modern. My father is a cosmopolitan person. He always supported the fact that I will
be an actress. There is nothing else I would do rather than being an actor. I am passionate about acting.
Girls in our family are not allowed to act is quite an outdated thought to have. They did it till my mother
but now no more."

"This is my job and being married is a separate part. My thinking is lot more different with many
actresses in the industry. I don't understand why people in showbiz put their profession of acting in the
back seat after marriage. Even before marriage, I was with Saif for five years and I worked with almost
every actor. I will continue to do like I did before my marriage."

"My entire childhood was spent in front of the mirror, dancing to Madhuri and Sridevi songs or copying
their expressions. There was never an option in my mind. I always wanted to be a movie star."

"Both my parents are very liberal and cosmopolitan. The first drink I had was with my father in Boston in
America. I would love to sit and chat with him over a drink and he has been one of my best friends."

"I respect tradition a lot. My father is a Punjabi, my mother, a practising Christian and I am married to
a Muslim. I have been brought up by my mother as a Christian, but I equally celebrate Diwali and now
respect the Muslim culture. I am just blessed to have the best parents and be part of such a
contemporary world."

"My parents separated when I was about two. But they also have the most wonderful relationship and
are the best of friends. My father is comical and my mother, entertaining. My mother is like she will say
anything. My father will crack a lot of jokes. People like his company, but he is slightly more reserved
than my mother. My mother does not like to be in the limelight and does not like going to film parties.
My father is very outgoing and does not mind going to a film party. Both Lolo and I have taken after
my mom."

"Saif is not perfect and is, in fact, very imperfect and it is his imperfection that makes him so sexy and
charming and lovable. He is a combination of everything. I love the fact that I make spelling mistakes
with him. And he will say, 'Bebo, that's not the way.' I recently pronounced the word 'quintessential'
wrong. He told me, 'Darling, you can't make statements in public when you don't know the meaning of
the word.' I said, 'Sorry' and he said, 'You are so glamorous and beautiful, so just smile but don't use
words you don't know the meaning of.'"

"Karisma is my father's favourite. She and I are really close. She is lovely and stunning. She is deep
and very emotional. And, in that way, we are both similar. I'm just so lucky to have her and she is the
rock of the family, who binds us all together. Saif adores her. She is one of the nicest human beings.
She is always there whenever you want her."

"She (her mother) is my oxygen tank. My life can't function without her. There is no way in my life I can
think of a day without my mother. That is how much I am dependent on her."
"I am a little mad person even in real life. If a project does not excite me, I will never do that movie."
"It’s been fabulous so far. I can’t thank God enough for giving me this beautiful life. I have only one
wish – that when I turn 60, I would like to be remembered as an actor and not a star, because stars
come and go, but actors remain!"
"Since childhood I was a responsible girl. There was responsibility of the family... First of my mother,
then my sister Karisma and now Saif's responsibility. But he (Saif) is pretty much on his own, he is a
responsible person, he's quite mature."

"Both (love and work) are equal for me. I have been balancing things. I am an actress who has been
open about my relationships. There is nothing wrong in falling in love."

"I don't know why people associate love with your career? I don't understand why people ask this?
Because love is like the way you breathe air... You love your mother but still you work. I love my
mother, family and I still work."

"Saif is a very responsible man and he knows his responsibility. I have never given him a chance to
be possessive. He is quite liberal in his thinking. Possessive is a very wrong word in a way. I could be
more possessive than Saif."

"I hope it (her marriage) never changes. I mean the cliches are always there - like things change after
marriage, man changes after marriage - but these are all cliches. I think I am lucky because Saif is
not a typical kind of Bollywood actor. That's why I think it works for us better."

"I am an actor and I will always do what our part requires us to do. I think every actor does that and
Bollywood is changing. We are quite progressive in our thinking. If I like a role and if it requires me to
do certain thing, if I believe in it, I will do it. And if I think it's not required, I'll not do it." 

"It's the duty of an actress to experiment as much as they can from the kind of roles they have offered.
I was always interested in acting and doing different kind of films. I think I've already proved that now.
I enjoy acting in films and I really want to continue..."

"I don't feel overburdened by responsibilities. My priority has always been my family. I have always
balanced my personal and professional life and I will continue to do so."

"I would love to work with Ranbir, he is doing a good job. I would love to work with my father and my
sister. But we haven't come across anything interesting. I feel Kapoors are the finest actors in the
industry. Being a Kapoor, I think acting is genetic."

"I enjoy working in films and I feel fortunate enough that I have got to play variety of roles on screen
and entertain people. The journey till now has been pleasant."

"My role should be exciting, even if it is small. I should have fun while doing it. Then, there has to be a
comfort level with the directors and co-stars."

"I love acting and I will continue with it only. I was interested in acting since childhood. I don't know
anything besides acting."

"Life after marriage hasn’t changed. I have been working for over a decade now and it is not the be all
and end all of life. I am not running in the rat race either. I got married on October 16 and started
shooting within four days."


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