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Kajol Quote

"My husband is my best friend. I tell him all that’s happening in my life. Whenever I need to vent,
my husband gets it from me even if he’s 50000 km away. I’ve to talk to him and tell him. He’s my
go-to guy."

"There are lots of things which I don’t like about Ajay actually. We can’t be married for so long and
not dislike things about each other. Sometimes I like the fact that he doesn’t talk much and sometimes
I hate the fact that he doesn’t talk much..."
"I wouldn’t have been the person I am, if not for books. I don’t think I’d be the actress I am if I
didn’t read. It’s so much a part of my life. Books are what I’ve relied on, slept with, woken up to,
loved and lived with all my life."

"I really love the man (Ajay). I respect him for who he is. He's always been so solid. From the time
we were going around 20 yrs back till now. He's grown, evolved and changed...for the good. He started
off being an amazing guy and continues to be so. If he says something, he means it. He doesn't say
much but whatever he says, he does it. There's no backing off on any commitment. His pet name is
Babaji. Everyone comes to him for advice."
"I can’t work hard! I’m not a hard-working person. I can’t work for the sake of working. Also, I’m one of
those who believe that if you have children, you should bloody well take care of them. Ajay is working
365 days of the year. The kids need me. This phase is not going to last."

"Cosmetic surgery is a dicey topic. If I had a birthmark and if it was disabling me from getting
somewhere, I’d get it removed. Victims of acid attacks and fire need such surgery. Cosmetic surgery,
on the other hand, is the individual’s prerogative, a personal choice. But it cannot be something like
I want good cheekbones, so let me have them. One should be sure whether it’s necessary to change
that feature of the body. If yes, then go for it."
"Birthdays are special. The first thing I announce in the morning is that no one can say no to me. It’s
like an unwritten rule."

"It took me nearly a year to get comfortable in the house (after getting married). It took time to come
to terms with compromising or feeling at home. It took me six months to go to the ground floor to ask
for a coffee. I used to come down every day like a sweet guest and wait for my mother-in-law (MIL) to
ask me for a cup of tea or coffee. And I’d say, ‘Haan aunty, main coffee piyungi (Yes aunty, I’ll have
coffee).’ It took me six months to a year to call her Maa. That’s the great thing about my MIL. She was
so nice about it. She used to say, ‘The day will come when Maa will just slip out of your mouth. You call
me Maa when you feel like it. As of now, call me aunty, don’t worry about it.’ Rightfully so, it did. Touch
wood, I had the right people backing me."
"I’m not a what-if and could-have person. I’m happy with my decisions."

"No one has the guts to disrespect you if you respect yourself. My mother taught me what it is to be
a strong woman and draw firm lines. We need to learn how to say ‘so far and no further’. I don’t know
if I was lucky or an absolute bitch. But no one dared to cross the line. "
"I never wanted to be anything when I was a teenager. I was and still am happy where I am. People
called me ‘ambitionless’ and I agree. Most have an idea where they’re headed. I don’t, till today.
If you ask me to predict the next five years of my life, I won’t have an answer. I believe that life
happens when you’re looking the other way and planning other things."

"I used to feel much more about things than I do today. Everything was on the spur of the moment.
I was spontaneous with everything, not only movies. Now of course I’ve grown up."

"I am very strict with my kids. I think it is very important for them to know exactly what the boundaries
are and that they cannot cross them. I think they will grow up to be better human beings if they have
in front of them. As parents it is our responsibility to teach them what is right and wrong."

"My daughter doesn't see any of my movies because she thinks I cry too much in my films. She says,
'You should do films like Golmaal like papa'. I was like, 'Yes, I will think about it'. My son is too young to
watch any of my movies. Maybe when he is older then..."

"The fact that Ajay and I are okay together and that we are good together, that in itself makes him feel
stable. I think you just have to work at it. Every relationship requires work. That is what we do... we work
at it."

"I am obsessed with fitness, not with losing weight."

"It's a conscious decision on both our parts (her and Ajay's) to stay at home and spend time with the
family. Also both of us are lazy, so we just don't want to go out! Going out at night and having a fabulous
social life takes a lot out of you, and I don't know if I have that much to give honestly. I would rather give
that time to my kids or spend that time reading a book or watching a film. I am selfish and lazy."

"Everybody has their own rules, and so do I. I have always lived on my own terms. As far as mistakes are
concerned, I've made them and acknowledged them as mistakes, not regrets.I consider my life a success.
There's nothing that I would re-do. I've always done what I felt was right."
"Every woman goes through a lot of struggle. To struggle and succeed in today's world, especially in India,
is much tougher for a woman than for a man... The same men, who invoke the goddesses before every
important moment of their lives, go on and kill their daughters or beat up their wives. If we want to
empower our women, we will have to change the mindset of men."

"I never looked at anything as failure. If I didn’t do a film, I didn’t do a film. I wasn’t the dejected sort
who’d get affected by a bad day at work. Yes, I’ve had bad days where nothing including my hair could
go right. I read a wonderful line, ‘You’ve only failed when you’ve given up. Till then you’re still
attempting.’ That’s how I look at my bad days. It’s more like a situation that you’re confronting."

"My daughter Nysa doesn’t like watching my movies. According to her, I cry too much. She tells me,
“Papa does good movies like Golmaal.” To which I tell her, “No baby, I don’t think I can do those sort
of films. Not even for you!” She runs away if there’s an emotional scene. It upsets her."
"You know after 15 years, you should ask me what are things he (Ajay) hates about me? And I’ll give you 
a list. Whatever’s not on that list, will be what he loves about me. Jokes apart, when he’s in a good mood,
he likes me talking. I think he likes my sense of priority. He appreciates the fact that I am pretty stable
80 per cent of the time. That 20 per cent I give myself the leeway especially when I’m PMSing. During
those times, I’ve told him to leave me alone.I love the way he genuinely loves our kids. The way he is
with Nysa and Yug, just melts my heart every single time. And I’m sure it’s the same with him. He loves
the fact that I love our family – from his mother, father, sister and their kids." 
"The luxuries that we now enjoy didn’t exist before. Ajay was telling our daughter Nysa about it. During
those days there were no vanity vans. We used to change in loos. During outdoors we had to change in
the bushes. We sat under trees during breaks because there were no umbrellas. Today we have every
amenity possible. When we were shooting Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge, we travelled in a bus, which had
a loo. We thought it was kickass and couldn’t stop screaming, ‘This bus has a loo!’ We freaked out. We
put a sign outside it saying that only women could use it! Today vanity vans can reach a mountain top."
"I crave entertainment and masala. I can’t sit through a boring film. Even if it’s an emotional film, it has
to entertain me and keep me gripped. I can’t watch a film where a  is being made for 45 minutes. I have
watched a few and I got horribly bored." 


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