John Abraham Quotes

John Abraham Quote

"Inspired living to me is self-actualisation…it is beyond the physiological needs of people. I would like
to believe that I lead an inspired life. But I guess with the kind of lifestyle I lead, it’s a little far beyond
for me to achieve. But every day, I am trying to attain it."

"I’m probably one of the few actors who gets on the set and is ready within five minutes. From the
time I get in the shower until I get out, it takes me maybe 10 minutes at the most, but that is
probably because I have got my assistants in place."

"I am a biker, so I am on the road a lot – which does not give me much time to be metrosexual. More
than metrosexual, I would say I am bohemian."

"I believe that life is a game of chess, so I just plan the next move. In fact, I plan five moves ahead."

"I was a model and people will always associate me with a great body and face. For me to shrug that off,
even if that’s taken a long time, it’s fine. I’m absolutely gracious about any criticism. I will put my head
down and do my work."

"I do lie but I am not a habitual liar. I lie when I need to get a situation in place. Sometimes I lie to
avoid answering a question or when I am cornered I tell a white lie, but then I make up for it."

"I don't touch any kind of alcohol -- I don’t like the smell. I have champagne once a year just to be part
of the celebration."

"I would like to go to South America, Japan, the Arctic, Antarctica, sail across the Pacific and Atlantic
Oceans and visit all parts of the world. I don’t believe that we are meant to live within the borders of a
country; we are meant to go wherever we want to."

"I am a one woman man and will always be. I think the one I would marry should be simple as simplicity
is the beauty of any relation."

“I cut the cloth to suit my length and line! I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t go to discos. I live within
my means. If I drink a glass of wine, I get a headache! But once a month, I’ll have half a glass of

"I figured the day I missed being non-vegetarian, I would go back. But so far I have not felt the need to.

"I don’t miss chicken and meat. But I eat fish because I need food for my muscles. No vegetarian meal
can give you all the proteins you need. I have never taken steroids. I am proud to come clean."

"There are three things that I live, breathe and eat. Those are fitness, football and motorcycling."

"I am a sports addict — be it football, hockey or motorcycle racing, I love them all."

"I love sport, and I think sport is religion. If you see me, I am an outdoor person. I believe I live a very
healthy lifestyle. And I just want to make sure that all the youngsters of today lead a lifestyle like this,
and don't do drugs... don't do things that harm your body. Be focussed on being a better human being,
better sports people for tomorrow."

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