BollyNook designed small icons to indicate to important information about our uplouders and content. BollyNook now gives promotions and statuses to our loyal uploaders and translators. Each, deserved, status is showed by small icon which is located right beside the uploader's name and, depending on uploader's translating quality, status can be changed.
Sometime in the future, we may add more icons and statuses, for our loyal uploaders.


Let’s start with the Main Administrator, who controls absolutely everything and approves or disapproves the decisions made by other administrators. He is always singed as “Administrator”, so he has no icon to point that out. All the other administrators has equal statuses, rights and the accentuated icon, beside their name. 




This is the way how BollyNook pointed out administrators.

They are making main decisions about the website and they,

indubitably, are the most loyal members of a BollyNook team.

Site friend

This icon indicates to helping person who does NOT necessarily

have to be translator, but gives support and helps in other ways.

If you want to be that person, the "Site Friend", contact

us to hello@bollynook.com. But if you already are our

supportive friend, thank you with all our hearts for everything

you did for us! Without you, BollyNook wouldn't reach this level.

 Trusted uploader

 This icon impersonate to TRUSTED UPLOADER. It represents

trust and gratitude of BollyNook for the uploader with the 'heart' icon.

 Verified uploader

  VERIFIED UPLOADER  is the next step in promotion. It is a

status for a person who has justified our confidence in many ways

and has proved the good quality, so we even stopped

checking his uploads. 

 Special uploader

  SPECIAL UPLOADER shows a person who earned complete

BollyNook reliance. This special title goes for those who enriched

BollyNook site with quality content and that is why this uploader earns

special place in our 'priorities' list and may demand to get translations

without much of a waiting. Special Uploader deserves special treatments. 

So, if you are the one who passed first two steps and got this

valuable title, hearty

Keep it up, dear Special Uploader! :)

 Temporarily Enabled Subtitle


This is the mark for Temporarily Enabled Subtitles, due to their low quality,

or incompleteness.

Temporarily Enabled Translation


This is the mark for Temporarily Enabled (Song) Translations, due to

their low quality.



NOTE: More Icons & Titles will be added soon

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