Deepika Padukone Quotes

Deepika Padukone Quote

"I wish I knew to ride a bike or play an instrument. I want to learn to play the piano or guitar. It’s never
too late."

I don't miss anything about my past. I choose to keep doing things that are meaningful and special
to me. I choose to live a life that is not complicated. Sometimes we unnecessarily complicate our own
lives, but I choose not to live like that."

"It’s very, very easy to get carried away by the fame, the success, the kind of love, appreciation

and adulation that we get. Which is why it’s important to be surrounded by — I won’t say real people,
but grounded people. Like my friends, my family, my sister, my parents. It’s like I go to work in the
morning and I do what I have to do and they go to work and they do what they have to do, but when
we come back, we are us and I am me."

"When I go home, when we have no house help at dinner time, we lay our own table, make our own
food, serve ourselves from the kitchen, sit at the table, eat and then we all have to wash up. We divide
the work. If my dad is clearing the table, I’ll wipe the table, and mum is washing the dishes, I might
empty the dishes, put it back in the fridge, that’s how it is."

"I know the importance of family. I mean it really completes me as a person. I want lots of children,
I want so many children. I look at babies’ pictures and I am like… I love kids."

"For me, sex is not just about physicality; there are emotions involved. I have never cheated or strayed
when I’m in a relationship. If I’m going to be fooling around, why would I be in a relationship? It’s better
to be single and have fun. But not everyone thinks like this. Maybe that’s why I’ve been hurt in the past."

"The first time he (Ranbir Kapoor) cheated on me, I thought there was something wrong with me or the
relationship, but when someone makes a habit of it, you know the problem lies with him. Yet I was foolish
enough to give him a second chance because he begged and pleaded, despite the fact that everyone
around me said he was still straying. I guess I really wanted to believe in him. Then I actually caught him
red-handed. It took me a while to get out. But having done that, nothing can make me go back. That
ship has sailed."

"I don’t believe monogamy is impossible... And I’m willing to wait for however long it takes to find the
right guy with the same values and beliefs. I never start seeing someone unless I think there is a real
chance of it working out in the future and I want a person like that. Someone like me, who is in it for the
long haul."

"I feel if there was any sort of awkwardness I would not have signed the film (YJHD). We (She and
Ranbir Kapoor) agree to do the film together because we knew that there will be a certain comfort.I think
in that sense we both have handled it very well. "I think we have handled it how to keep our personal life
aside and focus on our professional commitments. For us nothing matters than doing this film itself. But
on a personal note, we have a beautiful friendship and I am glad that we are friends and I respect that
more than anything else."

"I know that while I want a beautiful fairy-tale wedding, I’m not going to spend senselessly on it. I’d
rather have a lavish honeymoon and go around the world."

"I want to wear an embroidered gharara for my nikaah with a stunning maang tikka in my hair, a flowing
white wedding gown in a church and a rich lehnga for the sangeet. For the South Indian wedding, I will
wear a traditional Kanjeevaram sari from Nalli with a gold belt on my waist and braid my hair with jasmine."

"It's about making eye contact. You look at each other across the room, you know he's looking at you,
and you know you're looking at him."
"I am a little nervous, a little anxious but I think it's always nice to have that feeling. It's like a test.
Every Friday is that moment of truth where you've believed in a film, given your sweat and blood and
the only thing that you can do is hope the audience sees the same thing that you saw in that film."

"I believe in the old school form of love, which I have seen growing up with my parents and my extended
family. I am very traditional when it comes to love, marriage and relationships. This is because I do not
know any other way as I have been brought up like this."

"Fortunately or unfortunately I have never needed to take any kind of formal training. I learnt
Bharatnatyam when I was in school. It's not that I learnt it specifically for the films. Before
'Om Shanti Om', I went for Kathak classes for about six months, after that I think with every other song
that I have done in movies, I rehearse before we go to shoot but there is no formal training."

"There is no point in a day when I am not thinking about work, or something that is related to work.
The only thing I regret is not spending enough time with my family."

"Better co-star? Hmmm... I can't say that. I've had four amazing co-stars, Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan,
Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Great chemistry comes with great comfort and I have been
comfortable with all four of them. In fact, if I am asked to choose between these four, I would want
them all!"

"You know, I want to become a producer. If I ever become a producer, it's only because of my
obsession with organisation. I've always been obsessed with organizing.
 "I don't think my life is so exciting that anyone should write a biography on my life."

"I’m a lot more open today about making mistakes, trying out new things. Initially, I was too guarded.
I was too worried about doing the right things or doing things in a way one was expected to do. Today
I don’t worry about the end result. You have to have your own journey. I’m okay about making a fool
of myself and seeing where it goes. Some things will work, some won’t. And I’m okay with that."
"I have judged wrongly. But at least I know it was my own judgment. Again I will never judge a person
based on what someone else thinks of him. I will do that based on my own experiences and not based
on what people have told me."

"I don’t know how it’s for other people, whether they can be friends or can’t be. But we are
(Ranbir Kapoor and I). We’ve not consciously worked for it to be the way it is today. But I’m glad we’re
in a comfortable zone today where the world is giving us so much love and look forward to seeing us
together. We’re so comfortable that people don’t think twice before casting us. Some equations are just
meant to be. It’s special in a way that no one will ever understand."
"I do (believe in fairytales and happy endings). I think if I choose to be happy, I’ll be happy. It’s what
you make of the opportunities you get in life. It’s how you perceive or take it."

"The industry has been a place where I’ve met some warm and nice people. Genuine people. As an
outsider, everyone accepted me and welcomed me. They made me feel part of the fraternity. I was
never made to feel like an outsider. I believe if you are nice to people, people will be nice to you. A lot
of it is goodwill. A lot of it is also what my first film did for me. I have been made to feel secure."
"When I dress up personally, you’ll always see me in white.  In fact, more often than not you’ll see me
in white."

"When you are in a relationship where you know each other so well, you don’t even need to have a
conversation. Just your eyes will speak."
"Relationships should be like that. It shouldn’t be driven by one person. It’s not about who’s
dominating and who’s listening to whom. Both people have an equal say and both should influence
the other in a good way."

"I’m extremely competitive when it comes to my work. But that shouldn’t stop me from being friends
with someone. If I want to reach somewhere I’ll get there with my own hard work and my own effort.
And not by pulling someone down. That’s not going to work."
"If it happens, I’ll let people know because being in love is a very special feeling. I’m a romantic.
I believe in marriage. Every girl dreams of finding the perfect match. I’ll tell everyone the day I
find him. No one would have to ask. It’ll be visible to all."

"I’ve never been restricted by my parents from doing anything. I’ve never faced diktats like don’t go
there or don’t wear this. Children who are controlled unnecessarily go berserk when they get freedom.
I’m not saying that parents shouldn’t be strict but there should be a balance. Then your kids won’t
take undue advantage of anything."
"Actually I don’t have any dislikes (in the industry). It is such a waste of precious energy to dislike
anyone. I’d rather use my energy to build bridges than demolish them."


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