Arjun Rampal Quotes

Arjun Rampal Quote

"I plan to be known as an actor more than a star. And I will accept roles according to that. The rest I
leave the rest to destiny."

"I always wanted to learn to play the guitar. It's a wonderful hobby to have. The guitar becomes a
great companion when you're travelling. And now I'm hooked on to it. I play the guitar and entertain
family friends and guests with songs. I do intend to keep my interest in guitar going, though I don't
expect I'd be able to join any band. I learn one song every week. And I play to my daughters all the
time. But I'm not good enough to join a band."

"I don't know why it took us so long to realize that we too have skin. It is the organ that covers our
entire body and receives the maximum beating - the sun, the pollution, the germs. But we used to
think we are too macho to use a cleansing tonic or face scrub or moisturizer. Now you can say we have
evolved and I don't mind using beauty products provided they don't smell that feminine like raspberry
and peaches. It's all about feeling good about yourself."

"I think everyone has his/her own style. People talk a lot on these things. But for me style is being
original yet different. Men should just feel confident about themselves and not wear clothes just
because somebody else is wearing them. Don't let your clothes wear you, wear your clothes."

"I am not at all metrosexual. I am a man and I think every man is just a man. It is us who coin these
terms like metrosexual and macho. A macho man cries like any man and a metrosexual man is not
necessarily gay. I am neither macho nor metrosexual. I am just a normal man."

"When a film doesn't work, actors take their money, directors take their money and producers can't do
anything. So it is really a thankless job. But the irony is the most important person behind any film is
the producer. If a producer doesn't back your vision, then you can never make a film."

"I think be yourself. Most importantly. I think just be comfortable whatever you wear. And that's style
for me."

"Style is all about originality. For me it’s all about creating your own style and not cloning others. So
I don’t follow trends. I’ve never been a fashion junkie. I’ve won Style Icon awards so I guess I have
a style of my own."

"It's better if people have zero expectations from me. Then they'll be pleasantly surprised."

"I know many people feel that I'm arrogant but I'm not. I look arrogant but I don't behave arrogantly.
I'm a people's person. I'm very friendly and I enjoy making new friends all the time."

"I'd never thought of myself as good looking till I became a model. It was only when people started
constantly praising my looks that I began believing them."

"I've had a number of relationships and they were good while they lasted. I've never done anything
to hurt anyone, my conscience is clear on that front."

"Every artist wants recognition and the opportunity to work. I am happiest when I am in front of the
camera. So when the opportunities were beginning to die out it was very cumbersome. I was very low
and depressed. You walk into a room with a lot of successful people and you say, ‘shit why don’t I
have it.’ What you are looking for is that one hit film. I started thinking why aren’t my movies working.
Is it a jinx? When my movies were bombing people would come up to me and say “are you still going
to do movies?” These were awkward questions I didn’t have answers to. Now the same people say,
“wow man, what a turn around.”."

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