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Arjun Rampal

--- About Arjun Rampal ---

Birth name: Arjun Rampal

Meaning of the name: Arjun - White (Origin: Indian)

Date of Birth: 26 November 1972

Place of Birth: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Hinduism

Nickname: AR

Occupation: Model, Actor, Producer, Television host

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Height: 6' 11" (1.87 m)

Marital status: Married

Date of Marriage: 1997

Spouse: Mehr Jesia (former Miss India and supermodel)

Kids: 2 daughters, Mahikaa (born on 17 January 2002) and Myra (born June 2005)

Father: Amarjeet Rampal (businessman)

Mother: Gwen Rampal (teacher)

Sister: Komal Rampal (1994 Miss India finalist, ex-air hostess, spa consultant)

Cousin: Kim Sharma

Grandfather: Brigadier Gurdayal Singh (designed the first artillery gun for the Indian army

Mother Tongue: Hindi

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Friends from film industry: Preity Zinta, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan

Education: BA in economics from Hindu College in Delhi

Activities: Modelling, playing guitar, playing cricket, fitness

Fetish: For sunglasses

Passion: Acting, mixing music

Bad habit: Smoking cigarettes

Trademark: (dimples, smile, six packs abs...)

Likes: Clicking pictures, to DJ, mix music and play progressive house, to party

Sexiest woman: Scarlett Johansson

Best holiday: In Greece

The biggest compliment: Winning the national award

What he doesn't like about his appearance: His teeth

Fear: To be corrupted…to do things for the wrong reason, or just for money

Debut film: Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat (2001)

Debut Award: Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor for Rock On!! (2008)

Best movies in the career by now: Om Shanti Om, Rock On!!, Housefull, Raajneeti, We Are Family,
Ra One, Heroine, Inkaar...

Dream Roles: Joe in Rock On, or Prithvi in Raajneeti 

Arjun and his wife, Mehr

--- Favourites ---

Favourite food: Japanese food; Sushi

Favourite beverage: Coffee

Favourite snacks: Fruits

Favourite holiday spot: London, New York and Paris

Favourite shooting spot: London, Cape Town, New York and Mehboob Studios which are close to his house

Favourite actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Christian De, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt

Favourite actresses: Smita Patil, Madhuri Dixit, Manisha Koirala

Favourite movies: Sholay, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Satya, Goodfellas, Scarface, Cinema Paradiso

Favourite singer: Jim Morrison (The doors)

Favourite colours: Black, navy blue and white

Favourite books: Godfather

Favourite car: Masserati Quaratorpe

Favourite outfit: Track pants and T-shirts; jeans and T-Shirts

Favourite designers: Rohit Bal and Tarun Tahiliani

Favourite brand of cologne: Jo Malone

Favourite accessory: Sunglasses

Favourite sport: Cricket, tennis and F1

Favourite exercise: Plank

Favourite pass time: Watching movies, playing poker on the internet, taking kids on holidays

Favourite gadget: His IPad

Arjun Rampal and his family

--- Interesting Facts ---

--> Arjun along with his sister attended the St Patrick school situated at Deolali in Maharashtra, where
his mother was a teacher.

--> His maternal grandmother is from Holland who got married to his grandfather while he was fighting
Japanese invasion at Burma, during the Second World War. They got divorced and his mother brought
him up as a single parent.

--> His maternal grandfather, Brigadier Gurdayal Singh, was an army personality, an efficient engineer,
who had contributed in making guns for GCF factory situated in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradhesh. The factory
has a special gun named after his grandfather. The gun is named ‘Gurdayal Gun.

--> Arjun has been modelling since the age of 17. By 20 he was a super model.
--> He was first spotted by Rohit Bal in a night club who went on to showcase him in his collections and
Arjun stayed with him before making a move to Mumbai. Rajiv Rai cast Arjun Rampal in a music video
'Don't Marry' with model Namrata Baruwah and launched him in 'Pyaar, Ishq Aur Mohabbat' with Keerti
Reddy, Suniel Shetty and Aftab Shivdasani. 

--> Arjun established his production company Chasing Ganesha Films. He became a film producer with
I See You (2006) under his banner and played the lead role.

--> He was proclaimed Society's Face of the year, 1994.

--> In 2008, he made his television debut as one of the three judges of the fourth season of the
dance reality television show Nach Baliye on STAR Plus.

--> Alongside acting, Arjun Rampal has performed in many international stage concerts with several of
Bollywood actors and actresses.

--> In 2012, Arjun Rampal, in association with Percept Limited launched Lost Festival. Lost is a music
festival driven by culture, tradition & soul.

--> In 2013, he joined a PETA campaign to ban horse-drawn carriages in Mumbai.

--> Arjun loves sports and is a fitness freak. He also owns a night club and plays as a DJ some times.

--> He owns a night club 'Lap' and plays as a DJ sometimes.

--> Arjun doesn't like watching TV Shows. But he like watching channels like: History Channel, Discovery
Channel, National Geographic Channel.

--> He has done a lot for charity including sponsoring many children in orphanages.

--> As a child Arjun and his family used Nivea (cream) a lot and applied it for every problem. When
Arjun had chapped lips or rashes, his mother would put a palmful of cream on his face to ensure he
has soft skin.

--> His grandmother was deeply religious and every day she would offer bhog to the Gods. Arjun would
be the one at the puja without fail. His mother says, that when she prayed for a son, she was at
Mukti Dam, which is why he is such a devout Hindu. He wears rings for luck, he has a huge crystal
mandir at home and worships regularly. Even his Production House is called 'Chasing Ganesha'!

--> Arjun's wife Mehr and his sister Komal were pregnant at the same time. Sister knew she is going to
have a son but Arjun and Mehr didn't want to know what she was carrying, which is why they had
thought of two names for the child, Adit if a boy and Maira if a girl. When Maira was born, Arjun insisted
his sister to name her son Adit. She agreed, even though she had another name chosen for her child.

--> Loves reading, especially autobiographies.

--> Has tattooed names of his daughter on his arms.

--> He has his signature perfume named 'Alive'. And there are two fragrances of Alive. One is a
masculine one for men and the other is a fruitier and citrusy that is unisex. There are dark lily, wild
musk, amber and such notes in the masculine fragrances and there's a lot of orange bloom, lily and
amber in a unisex one. 

--> Likes to read autobiographies, informative books or really good fiction.

--> Arjun is non-vegetarian.

--> He likes clicking pictures when he is shooting for a film. He always carries his camera along.

--> On his bedside table there are the pictures of his Gods: Shivji, Ganeshji and Our Lady and his mobile
phone charger.

Arjun Rampal with his daughters

--- Personal Quotes ---

"I went to New York to model. My room mates were studying at NYU film school. They used to give
me their scripts to read. I would read and give them my ideas. So I became a script doctor and it
even earned me some pocket money. It was then that I realized I enjoyed doing this and maybe
I should come back to New York and study film making. But Ashok Mehta had already offered me
Moksh. Shekhar Kapoor (film maker) was also very insistent that I do it. So when I came back to
India the first person who called me was ironically Ashok Mehta."

"I don’t think they were accidents. I believe in destiny – certain things are predestined. When they
come along you have to be aware enough to see them. Most things that I have believed in life have
come true. I believe in energies and that’s the kind of energies you attract. I don’t know how I became
an actor. A boy born in Jabalpur, brought up in Nasik, comes to Mumbai and has the opportunity to
work with the biggest stars and the biggest movies …it must be predestined."

"I think you should be a part of a different kind of cinema as long as you have conviction in it and you
can believe in it. I would like to be a part of comedy, provided I think it is very funny. The films, which
I chose, are the films, which I would like to watch..."

"I see myself evolving from film to film. It is good to be in that space. I am enjoying that part..."

"I look at what's my scene and part. I need to see what is the starting point of my character and where
does he reaches. If I can identify with the journey, then I go ahead. This is for all films..."

"It is about the film - what is the director trying to say and if he is able to do this without the film
becoming dry and boring. When you are working with good actors, it makes your job easier..."
"Age doesn't mean anything. It's all in your head. Men get sexier with age. They also get wiser and get
experienced. As long as you don't go through mid-life crisis where you are 40 and want to play an
18-year-old character on screen, I think you are okay."

"I look at fitness as a necessity in the same way as how you drink water, eat food, one should look at
fitness in a dedicated way. People will look fresh and happy. If you are happy you in a way look fit."

"The most important thing is to figure out Your goal in life. If Your intentions and methods are correct,
there is no way You will not achieve it."

"Both my paternal and maternal grandfathers were in the army but my maternal grandfather Brigadier
Gurdayal Singh designed the first artillery gun for the Indian army post-independence."

"I do intimate scenes only when they are required. These kind of scenes require a lot of concentration
and I am scared about how people will react later."

"Shooting is the most fun part of making films."

"I like to surprise the people I love."

"For me, love is the number one emotion, and then comes everything else."

"Films that lack good scripts but are made on big budgets, are not my cup of tea any more. I need to
work in a film that has a smart screenplay."

"All my films are commercial in nature. The purpose of making a film is to educate, entertain and
recover its money back. And it should have takers for satellite rights."

"I have decided not to do bad films. It has taken a lot of effort to connect with real cinema."

"I still wonder why (actresses get insecure), as they don't sit on edit table, or discuss budget, or are
present in producer's meeting, or involved at scripting stage, they sit with hair and make-up done.
While an actor will get into all areas so that he can get into direction or production or write a movie.
I think one learns a lot of things while doing a film."

"I have gone through low phases in my career too. Films don’t work, you hit the rough road and people
lose confidence in you. This happens because you make the wrong choices. One should take it as a
learning lesson."

"Today I’m in a position to choose the kind of movies I want to do. For me, cinema is special and
pious. It’s about doing the right film. I want to do films I’ll be proud to show my children and
grandchildren. My focus is to create a credible body of work. I’m getting good roles and people believe
I can play difficult characters. Of course, I have got my due."

"You don’t change friends like you change clothes. I have formed friendships with people I have
worked with. The industry is like a family."

"Who’s not insecure? Insecurities help you stay focused. They can make you negative as well because
insecurity is a type of fear. It’s stems from lack of confidence You should overcome this fear. Like
you’re afraid to walk in the dark as a child, but you do walk in the dark once you grow up. You don’t
fear ghosts or witches then. Above all, your life is what you make of it. You shouldn’t wish bad for
anyone or be happy at someone else’s downfall. When you remain positive, insecurity gives way to
confidence. And when you have confidence in yourself, others too gain confidence in you."

"I love fame. I know how to respect it. When someone comes to me for an autograph I never refuse.
Personally I would be painfully shy to go up to someone to ask for an autograph. It must really take
a lot of courage to go up to somebody and ask for an autograph. I would be very very embarrassed
if I walk around and no one recognizes me or comes to me for an autograph."

"When I saw Amitji (Bachchan) for the first time, I behaved like a fan myself. So I know how a fan
behaves. I respect my fans. They are important for me. If I step out and no one notices me, I’d
get upset."

"I do one film at a time and that’s why you see different looks of mine. I take at least two or three
weeks off between films so that I don’t get exhausted. I’m not in any rush to do many films."

"I can’t see my own films. I am horribly critical. I don’t enjoy watching my own films. I always feel I
could have done better. Most often I am not even looking at the film but at the people and seeing
their reaction."

"From now onwards, it’s a conscious decision – what I realised is that one day I’ll die or I’ll be old,
sitting at home with my grandchildren and children and if I had to put on a DVD and show them what
kind of work I did, I shouldn’t be cringing. I would like to be remembered for my past. So I choose
characters and parts to be recognised. The kind of films I do make me happy. If you don’t feel
satisfied as an actor after working on a film, then how can you satisfy anybody else?"

"I don’t trust anybody blindly. I trust people for what they are, or what I can see them to be."

"I love my wife’s cooking and I love food, but I’ve never starved myself for a six pack!"

"I think John (Abraham) has always had a great body. And he worked out really hard for Dostana to
get much leaner. But I compete from the ‘front’, that’s why I don’t look him as a rival. Ha ha!"

"No butts for me. I’d rather let my acting do the talking!"


Arjun with his daughters

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