Arjun Kapoor Quotes

Arjun Kapoor Quote


"I’m well-behaved. I never misbehave."

"I avoid them (confrontation) because I am emotional.  I give a second chance, give the benefit of
a doubt, try to forget it but when I can’t take it any longer, I explode.  I’m not short-tempered but
if I get upset then I get really upset. So I avoid confrontation. But finally the smallest thing can
make me slap someone." 
"Once in a while, I do party.  But I’m the dinner, great food, great conversation kind of a guy. I need
to hear the other person. I can’t bear noise around me. As it is, there’s chaos happening in my head
all the time. I’d just like to sit and chill with my friends. I don’t like too many people around me whom
I don’t know. Then I go into a shell.  But once in a while I like to go get wasted. Nowadays of course
there’s no privacy. If you get drunk a picture will be taken. Not that I fear it."

"Every time you have a prototype in your head, it breaks. If you expect I want such a girl, an entire
lifetime will pass by but you won’t get her. Unfortunately, this profession demands a lot of your time.
So the girl should understand the demands of the profession. That’s why we end up being with girls
who are co-stars because they understand the stress."
"It (loneliness) is a vacuum - a feeling of nothingness. You’re devoid of any emotion. It’s a state
where you can’t think. There’s a deep hole in your heart. Life is sucked out of you when you feel that
loneliness, when there’s no one to call or talk to at home. You are alone." 

"I’m pretty dedicated to the gym. I work out before going for shooting; I go after pack-up. I don’t
miss it. When I’m not shooting I’m in the gym."
"I watch everybody’s films. It’s not because I need to see what they are doing, I love watching films in
general. It excites me that we are all different from each other, and we all need to find our space."

"I am very shy, and reserved because I believe it’s better to speak less than be an irritating non-sensical

"(On a scale of 1 to 10) Most men would score between six and seven (if rated as a boyfriend). If a man
is a good listener and good in bed, he’ll hit a seven. If he’s only good in bed, he’ll strike a six. Eight or
nine is for those one in a million men who don’t exist."

"I have a deadpan face, and droopy eyes so I constantly look like I am fed up, tired, irritated which I am

"I think if we don’t have critics talking about us, we are not successful enough."

"You need haters to be loved and if you are loved, you will obviously have people who hate you. Criticism
is an important part, as long as it’s professional and does not get too personal. You can’t personally hate
me without knowing me. Also, those who compare me to other actors can do so, as it’s a habit that will
never go away. But, I will never lose sleep because of comparisons. I believe my work will speak for itself.
You stand out in a huge crowd because of your talent, and not because of how much you talk about

"I am finicky like my father, food and things the way they should be, but my emotional quotient is like
my mother. My understanding, my dealing with situations, is also a lot like my mom."

"I lost the one person I cared the most about, valued the most in my life, and was working towards
making her feel proud and she did not live to see the day, so it kind of puts all the success and the
failure thing into perspective..."

"It’s not that I don’t feel the sense of competition. I do. Because everybody reminds you of it constantly.
I think it’s healthy, as it keeps you on your toes. But at the same time right now I am genuinely trying
to see where I stand..."

"There's bound to be chemistry between a boy and a girl who've spent 90 days working together, doing
such intimate scenes. But it doesn't have to result in a relationship or being romantically linked. When
a boy and a girl get along, there's bound to be chemistry..."

"I am a very quiet person. I don't like to talk too much and in fact, I'm very shy. All these characters
that I have played till date, in Ishaqzaade, Aurangzeb and Gundey, are very different from the real me."

"Success demands sacrifices. Nothing in life comes easy. I believe it’s a small price to pay for the
adulation and love one receives. I’m not the kind who will crib, “Damn it, yaar, I can’t go out and eat
bhel puri.” If you choose this profession you have to live with such things. Plus, I’d rather be known
than be anonymous any day. I enjoy it. People who say otherwise are lying."

"Success becomes your second nature. It’s like wearing clothes. And if it’s taken away, you feel naked."
"My girl can’t just look nice, she must have a personality too. A relationship will be futile if it’s based
just on physicality. An interesting woman can be stimulating. Intellectual stimulation is a must for me."

"Oh, I have enough fantasies. And I am not about to reveal them. They are for me to know and the
girl I am with to find out."

"I’d sell my soul to get my mother (Mona Kapoor) back. The loss of a loved one leaves a vacuum in
your life that can never be filled. Ever. You can go around living a normal life but the pain always hits
you when you least expect it. And suddenly, you’re left dealing with a fresh wound all over again."

"I was very quiet as a kid, more like a mumbling-fumbling idiot."

"People are so interested in knowing what we eat and where we go. Why should I stop them? I’ll try to
hide only if I’m doing something wrong."

"I’m too emotional. I take everything to heart.  I hide it well though."

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