Anushka Sharma Quotes

Anushka Sharma Quote

"I hate doing my own make-up! I love doing hair though. Secretly, I wanted to be a hairstylist.
I force people – my manager, my costume designer and others in the team to sit down and I enjoy
doing their hair."

"I've never pretended. I'm not right and correct, I'm not perfect, I have a lot of flaws... (But) Pretending
is something that takes a lot of efforts. You know, why would I waste my energy on doing something
which is not real."

"I don’t think I can ever turn out badly dressed. I understand my body really well. I’ve been a model
since I was very young so I have a basic sense of fashion."

"For me it’s very important that I give my all to the character I am playing, the essence of loving what
you do and putting your heart and soul into it."

"For me the most exciting part about being an actor is ‘acting’. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy
everything else that comes with it but what gives me a real high is getting to play challenging
characters and being able to pull it off."

"Just as you can’t blindly follow fashion, you can’t follow fitness either. Don’t stress yourself out thinking,
‘I have to lose weight’, or look like Deepika or Priyanka or Anushka. Be yourself in whatever you do."
"I am not spoilt as I was brought up in an army background. But every actor is an attention-seeker.
It is an occupational hazard for us. If I don't seek attention, I will not be doing my work well." 

"You should use success as a way of doing your work in a better way. I want to be successful to be able
to do things on my own terms. You should use your stardom and success to be able to pull people into
the theatre. That's what I would want to do with my success."

"When I was growing up I was not at all spoilt. There was no scope for throwing tantrums in my house."

"I never dreamt of becoming an actress; so it is not a dream come true for me." 
"My elder brother will never pay me any compliment because he is harsh. And so is my dad. After
watching the film (RNBDJ) my brother said, `You can act, huh`. For my mother, I`m the best in the
world. My dad was impressed though."

"For Taani (her character in RNBDJ), she didn`t marry out of choice but Anushka Sharma is going to
marry out of choice. And when I do get married I will never think of leaving my husband."

"I don't want to date a man who looks in the mirror and I don't want to date a man who has a face
wash in the bathroom."

"I'm not possessive person, I'm a very secure person. If I'm in love with a guy I think there wouldn't
be room for insecurity. If you are in a right relationship you will not be insecure."

"I'm looking for my dad in every guy."

"Choices and decisions you make are under your control. Nothing else is in your hands. I can make
an effort to be part of the right project but if something goes wrong with it, that’s fine. Do your best
and accept whatever follows."

"I want to be married, I want to have kids and when I'm married I probable do not want to be working."

"I’m a Taurean, I can’t be fake. It’s a huge deal for me. But yes, I went through a phase where I
doubted my way and asked myself – should I change?"

"I’m as straightforward and honest as before. It’s impossible for me to become street smart. I don’t
know how to beat around the bush. To me that’s the simplest way of dealing with my life, which is
already complicated."

"You observe things a certain way, your contemporaries function in a certain way. People start advising
you that what you’re doing isn’t ‘right’, that it won’t work out in the long run. In fact, I couldn’t even
wrap my mind around the concept of this ‘image of a star’. Why would you need an image? People will
see it like it is, right? They have the intellect to know if a person’s genuine or not."

"You might have just gone out for a date once with someone. You might be slightly interested in the
person and may want to know him better. But then suddenly the world is talking about how we’re
dating each other. If you went out just once, the world jumps the gun when things actually haven’t
progressed. Reality is that these two people may not even meet again. It doesn’t let you enjoy the
process of getting to know someone. That’s pretty annoying. People don’t let you be."

"What describes a romantic? Love is crucial to me. But I’m not an expressive person. I’m not someone
who’s going to say ‘I love you’ many times. But that doesn’t make me any less of a romantic. I feel
shy. Even when a guy praises me, I feel awkward and change the topic instantly."

"I don’t understand live-in relationships. Actually, I don’t want to live with any guy. If I happen to,
then it’ll only be because I want a kid and that can only be possible with marriage."

"The way a man smells turns me on in a big way. Sometimes, I even turn my head if it intrigues me.
Whereas bad breath and body odour are so not happening!"

"Time heals it (heartbreak). You are going to be hurt and in pain. It’s normal. You realise those
people handled the situation a certain way because that’s just how evolved they were. That was their
acumen or level of functioning. Then you don’t take things so personally eventually."

"I hate candle light dinners. I went for a drive with a guy once. It was fun because when you’re driving
you get to talk a lot."

"I’m not a tattoo person. But it’s been on my mind lately. You get a tattoo when you feel strongly
about something. I’ve never felt so before. But now I want to get wings tattooed on my ankles."

"I always decide what I want to buy even before I go shopping so I never take much time. But I am
not a compulsive shopper nor do I buy expensive designer clothes clothes."

"Fashion to me is general and personal. I believe that my style is an extension of my personality.
I may be stylish but it all depends on my mood. I would never wear or buy something just because
it’s trending."

"Look, I’m here to do a job. After work I have my own life. I am not here to make friends, I don’t feel
the need to. To be honest, it’s not my intention to fit in with the crowd. I am happy doing my work.
I have met people whom I respect immensely.I have seen some brilliant minds – Shah Rukh Khan,
Adi (Aditya Chopra) and even Shahid (Kapoor). That doesn’t mean I’m on backslapping terms with
them. I have friends back home and that is my life."

"I’m very real. I am very secure despite operating in a highly competitive world. But competition is
good because it helps you better yourself. Every person is unique and we all have our strong points.
I know what I am, who I am and what I can work at even if I’m not good at it. I’m a sorted person."

"I used to collect toffee wrappers as a kid and put them in little shoe boxes. One day my mother
opened these boxes to see what was inside and was appalled."
"I’m paranoid about shopping. I get irritable. I find it tedious and taxing. People say shopping is
retail therapy but I need therapy after shopping."

"Whenever I have a release coming up, I will talk about it because I want people to watch my film.
I want them to watch me. I want them to tell me how good or bad I am. That’s the kind of spirit I
want to possess. I don’t want to be here, there, everywhere for absolutely no reason. I would like
people to read an interview of mine, which is substantial and let’s them know the person I am."

"One thing I can’t forget about Shah Rukh is his smell. He smells superb."

"I consider cooking to be an art. It’s amazing how our body reacts to the flavours. To know what
ingredient to add to what dish, for it to taste delectable, is a skill. Hence, I’m certain that chefs are

"I’m an army kid. So we were never allowed to refuse the food that was on the table. If we’d even
utter the words, ‘Yeh kya hai?’ my dad would ask us to get up and leave. So you’ll never hear me
say - I don’t like karela, baingan, tori, dudhi... I’ll eat everything."

"No one has cooked for me. And I don’t know how comfortable I will be cooking for someone either.
I feel damn shy doing these things. It’s so weird. But if I have to, I will. I guess, there’s no way out."

"I’m a beer drinker. Once in London I had five pints in less than two hours. We were headed back
home and on the way, we spotted local booths. They had postcards of naked women. In my drunken
state, I decided, it was my responsibility to clean up London. So I went inside a few booths and
picked up those postcards. Obviously, I reached home and crashed. We were put up in a penthouse.
When I woke up the next day, I saw pictures of naked women splattered all across my room. Oh God!
It was too funny."

"I’m pretty experimental. I’ve had frog legs and escargots. When I was a kid, I’ve eaten a wild boar.
My dad was posted in a tribal area and the tribe king invited us for a meal. That’s when I had it. I’ve
also eaten a snake once. And my dad let me have it. (Laughs) When my mother asked dad what it
was, he covered up saying it was just chicken. Later, when she got to know, she threw a fit."
"I love eating Cerelac. It’s bought in my house like sugar and salt."

"I’m lazy. If I’m not working I find it an effort to even talk to people."
"I'm very reasonable and I like to listen reasonable people, people who can reason with me, I am always
open and willing to understand."

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