Akshay Kumar Quotes

Akshay Kumar Quote
"I don’t drink or smoke. I go to bed early, I’m an early riser. And I swim a lot. I exercise every day.
If you take care of yourself, you will be healthy and happy."

"Actors are the ones that are supposed to set trends. But it doesn’t matter how much we think
something works, if the audience says ‘NO MATE’, we can do nothing but walk away with our tails
between our legs and come back with a better option next time."

"I was lucky to get admission in a big school like Don Bosco for a small thing I had done. My father told
me, when we had gone there for admission, I picked up a paper lying on the floor and threw it in a
waste-paper basket on my own. Father Gatty saw me doing that and gave me admission without even
interviewing me."

"I’m a confident man because I believe in people."

"Last week, I took my son (Aarav) and niece to the kitchen I used to work, eat, sleep and train at in
Bangkok when I was 17. Just seeing the tiny room where I used to rest my head after a gruelling day
of street fighting for extra money brought back so many memories. I had to fight back the tears in
front of my son when I stood in the doorway of the kitchen I once slaved in wondering how different my
life is now. One day I was frying noodles, the next I was frying my brains over learning lines for my first
film. Never say it isn’t possible. I’m proof that there is nothing more powerful than fate itself, even when
the world assumes you’re just an insignificant boy wiping tables and cleaning dishes."

"It may have taken time for people to accept that I was more than just a struggling actor. I was an action
hero in the making, a determined young man, with a black belt in karate that technically made the world
my oyster. Nothing, not even people’s mighty opinions were going to stand in my way. I wasn’t stupid, I
knew I was no Dilip Kumar, I was Akshay Kumar, born with nothing but good parents and God’s hand on
my shoulder."

"I am a man who wants to work as much as I can, who wants to employ as many hard working members
of our industry as possible. The more I work, the more people earn from my multiple movies. I don’t
want to look back ever and say ‘I could have done more in my career.’ We only have so much time to
accomplish our goals. I’m barely halfway through achieving mine."

"I have no worries because at the end of the day, once you’ve put all your effort in, destiny has far
greater power than even your own willpower."

"Tina (his wife Twinkle) has absolutely completed my life; she married me and made me a righteous
man. She is the reason I am a father to two beautiful children. She gave me a purpose for all my hard
work and stood by me when many others wouldn’t have even looked at me. These are only a few things
that have brightened my tomorrow. She has taught me there is life beyond Bollywood and one day I will
live it. But not today, today I’m still yours."

"I have to do horror, I want to do negative roles; I am keen on doing comedy, romance and even
tragedy. I want to do a common man’s story as well."

"I wake up in the morning thinking about films and sleep with films on my mind."

"He (son Aarav) is my friend. His friends are my friends. Children must maintain a certain respect
for their parents but there should be a great deal of friendship too."

"If a film does well, it’s great. But if it doesn’t then you try again. Failure doesn’t mean that you should
stop going through the tests."

"Work is not a chore for me, it’s my calling. I would be nothing without it. I live to keep it alive. I love
being at home, I adore my family more than anything in the world. But I haven’t learnt to take it easy
yet. As long as I have fuel in my tank, I can work day and night."

"My success has always come and gone with the wind, one minute I’m like a storm that everyone enjoys,
next minute I’m like a calm breeze that goes unnoticed."

"My secret is a good lifestyle. I’ve been saying it for years. We are what we eat and we can’t hide what
we do. Go to bed early, wake up with the crows, don’t sleep, smoke or drink your life away."

"I train for fun, I train to play. The scarier, the more dangerous, the more challenging I make my
sessions, the greater the achievement I feel. I don’t train because I have to. I train because I want to.
I love pushing my body to lengths every morning. It makes me feel alive."

"On weekends I go swimming with my wife (Twinkle Khanna) and son (Aarav). We play badminton and
volleyball religiously. The only time we sit down quietly is to play games or watch movies."

"No man can live without his family. You’ve never felt love until you’ve had a family. Also you’ve never
felt fear or pain until you’ve had a family."

"You can be the funniest man on paper but unless you have got the timing right, your joke will be lost."

"My secret is that I never act my age. I may be in my 40s but my heroines are usually in their 20s."

"It's not a great idea for two big movies to clash on the same day. But at the end of the day, it is the
people who put in the money and take the final call. We are one industry and one family. Whatever
we earn comes into the same kitty."
"When I joined the film industry, I did it for money. For me doing films was ghar main paise leke 
aana. I wanted to make it big. After 10 years in the industry, I want to give something different to
my audience. Now it's not about the money. I wake up every day and think what is new that I can
do. I watch films, watch what my son watches and realize that there are so many other things I can
do. Every year I am going to be a newcomer. I want to keep working hard."

"Her (Twinkle Khana) luck factor has always worked for me. She has supported me in all my decisions
and has always been there. She doesn't read the scripts that I am offered. She has her own life and
she is busy with it. She is happy that we have a good family and we are all together."
"It is the biggest joy for any father to see their kids growing up. Earlier, when I used to finish my
shoot, I wasn't really interested in going home. But after my kids were born, I would wait to finish
work so that I could rush back home and spend time with them. I want to hear them calling me
daddy, dad, dada. It is something, which I can never measure... I can't put these feelings in words."

"I believe all good men wear a uniform with ease. We all know how our mothers and our wives like
a man in uniform. It’s something all men aspire to wear at some point in their lives, even if it’s just
for a costume party."






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