Aditya Roy Kapur Quotes

Aditya Roy Kapur Quote

"When you’re with that (right) person, you don’t need external things. It could just be sitting in the
room or on a mountain and having a good time. You don’t need cool breeze or an ice-cream to make
your night, you just need that person. You don’t need help with romance. The epitome of romance
is when you’re with your loved one and you don’t need anything or anyone else."

"According to the feedback I’ve received, I’m not romantic at all. I have to learn how to be so I guess.
(Laughs) Gifting roses, being a lover boy and making cards is just not my thing. I can’t show off in
love. I have never done it for any girl." 

"The thought of stepping up one’s game and doing better is there in everyone’s mind. But once you
allow it to affect you negatively, there’s no end to it. It’s a big industry and there are always going to
be young guys and girls coming in. If you get bogged down by competition and keep comparing yourself
to others, you’ll lose your mind."

"I always believed that if my girlfriend cheated on me, I’d never take her back. But I am not sure if I feel
the same way anymore. I am not that fixed in my thinking now. Because of what I’ve seen around me,
I’ve realised that it’s not so easy to leave the person you love. Everything depends on the situation.
It’s not that black and white."

"When I am working, I always feel the need to improve. I do get insecure about my capabilities at times
because we always have scope to get better. I guess actors are an insecure breed."

"On so many days I’ve felt like giving up. In fact, I’ve felt like this on every film. But I’ve realised that
everyone has those days when they feel they can’t do it. You just have to trudge through it and believe
that a better day will come where you’ll be proud of your achievements. Invariably, that day does come."

"I have been dumped twice. The first time I got dumped I was in the ninth standard."

"We’re very close. She (Shraddha Kapoor) is a good friend. We chill and party together. That’s about it."

"I don't believe in any superstitious stuffs as I think every person has his/her own destiny."

"It was great to work with her (Shraddha Kapoor) and we both are good friends. During the shooting of
the film, we had spent a lot of time together and got to know each other well. Shraddha is a very good
girl and a very good actress as well. She used to share her lunch with me at the movie sets."

"My friends complain that I'm not a romantic person. I'm not a romantic guy. After doing a romantic film,
I realised that I have to be romantic."

"I want my girl to be honest. Adding up to this, if she is passionate about her dreams, I love such
qualities in a women, which attract me a lot."

"I love all kind of roles like action, romantic. I don't want to limit myself. I want to do all kind of roles."

"Once, a guy hit on me so blatantly that it made me uncomfortable. He passed lewd remarks and
literally threw himself on me. The other few times it happened, it was funny. I have even laughed with
a few men who have hit on me."

"I find it tough to ride my bike around Bandra because people recognise me now. But no girls are
jumping on me yet (laughs); there’s an occasional scream here and there. I can’t complain about it;
but it will take me time to get used to it."

"I would like to believe that I would have made a good cricketer. But, I was very weak in studies. So
from class 7 onwards all my time and energy was exhausted running from one tuition class to another.
I wanted to become a cricketer primarily because the idea of playing in front of 40, 000 odd people
gave me an adrenaline rush."

"It’s important to be able to take people for granted sometimes. You need to have someone you love
so much that you can take for granted. But it should be done the right way. If not, then you ought to
talk it through."

"I believe in the institution of marriage. I want to get married and start a family."

"It's about being lean, and not too muscular. Often, I am moody about my fitness. I oscillate between
phases of extreme bingeing and extreme fitness. I have a tendency to put on weight and also to gain
muscle very fast. Even if I haven't hit the gym in a while, I swing back in shape within 10 days of
working out."

"As a kid, I was a sports fanatic. I would play kho-kho, kabaddi, football, chor-police, and of course,
cricket. Basically, anything that involved running excited me. I would go up to my brothers and say,
let's race. Obviously, they wouldn't."

"I was a crazy psychotic child... I would get up at 3 in the morning to watch cartoons."

"I don’t know if I’m wording it rightly or not, but it goes –‘If you’ve not been young and stupid, you can’t
be old and wise’. It’s important to use your freedom to do the right things, of course, and add up to
your experiences, because as you get older the less, supposedly, the less free you get and there are
more things to worry about. I can see a huge transformation when I compare myself to what I was as a
teenager or a kid to what I am now. Life has changed a lot. I feel like I had lesser responsibilities and
less feeling of consequence when I was younger… I think I was young and free… a long time ago
(Bursts out laughing). I’m making myself sound old…"

“I thought I was in love when I was in Class 7. Now I guess love blinds you and makes you crazy but
I have felt differently in different phases. None of my love interest has lasted though (smiles)."

"The meaning of love has changed. I don't know what exactly it feels like as I have never experienced
true love."

"I can't describe ideal woman, but love blinds you and makes you fall for the opposite person. There
are certain things in people that attract you towards them. Passion and blatant honesty is attractive
to me."

"The best part about this industry is that you can take a month or two break after you have wrapped
up a film. I generally go away to Goa, Manali or Kashmir. Since, I am a mountain person, I also like
going to a hill station."

"There were times I said no to films that were coming my way and everyone said I am a fool for
saying no. But I was ready to wait. I knew something would happen…"

"I have dated and had a few girlfriends, but I don’t have a type. So I can’t say things like I would like
my girlfriend to like cycling or have a similar taste in music… I don’t know if I have a type."

"My bhabhi (sister-in-law, Vidya Balan) would say Entertainment...Entertainment...Entertainment, but
I’ll say Passion... Passion... Passion!"

"I can’t be SRK or KRK, so I’m happy being ARK."

"No one’s ever alone on the set. It would be crazy to go into some corner and talk to one another.
Sometimes you end up eating inside the vanity van because of the heat. Also, when you’re constantly
surrounded by people, sometimes you wish for a smaller gathering."

"Attachment-detachment is the nature of the beast. Pros and cons of being in the film line. It happens
with everyone. You suddenly get so unnaturally close to a bunch of people while shooting. Then one
day it just stops. Then you don’t meet them as often. You move on and after a while you get
desensitised to them."

"When I was in the ninth standard, I went through a break-up which made me feel like it was the end
of the world. It was a big deal for me then. Now such things don’t matter."
"I am a go-with-the-flow kind of person but I would like to be more a ‘Seize the day’ kind of person.
I love what I am doing now, but there is so much more to me… Maybe if I was a ‘Seize the day’ sort,
I would have done much more. What I hate is festering regret. I don’t like to be my own enemy!"
"I can be a little possessive."
"I guess it (love) consumes you and you can’t think of anything else but that person. But that doesn’t last."


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