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--- About Aditya Roy Kapur ---

Birth name: Aditya Roy Kapur

Meaning of the name: Aditya - 'The Sun' (Sanskrit origin)

Date of Birth: 16 November 1985

Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Hindu

Nicknames: Adi

Occupation: Actor and former VJ (video jockey) for Channel V

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 6' 03" (1.85 m)
Marital status: Single

Mother: Salome Roy Kapur (Ballroom dancer, the winner of Miss India 1972 title)

Brothers: Siddharth Roy Kapur (Film producer and CEO of UTV Motion Pictures) and Kunaal Roy Kapur
(Actor and Film Director)

Grandfather: Raghupat Roy Kapur (Film producer)

Sister-in-law: Vidya Balan

Languages: English, Hindi

Girlfriend: Shraddha Kapoor (as per the rumours)

Past love relationships: Rhea Chakraborty

Friends from film industry: Ranbir Kapoor ...

Education: G. D. Somani Memorial School, in Cuffe Parade, Mumbai; St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

Activities: Fitness exercises

Hobby: He loves collecting matchboxes

Sports: Football and cricket

Fitness role model: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Weakness: Binge eating. For once he start eating, he's unable to stop. 

Hidden talents: Drawing faces, playing guitar, singing, writing English songs

Guilty pleasure: Food. Copious amounts of food. Especially cheese and bread.

A blooper from the sets: "We were shooting (for Aashiqui 2) in Cape Town and in between shots
a zebra came out of nowhere and ran into the frame! It was quite unusual, to say the least.
While this was taking place someone yelled from behind, ‘Arre, zebra crossing’ which, I thought,was
hilarious! Interestingly, the scene we were shooting was a serious scene but I couldn’t stop laughing!"

Addicted to: The feeling of satisfaction he gets after a hard day of work.

Best gift he ever received: An acoustic guitar by Mohit Suri.

His definition of love: "It is like leaving the entire world when you think only about one person. For me,
that is love."

What attracts him to a woman: Her honesty and her eyes

Usual hangout: Meeting bunch of close friends, watching a movie, playing his guitar

Likes: Listening to music, going for bike rides and treks

What annoys him: "People talking loudly at restaurants. Trying to make their presence felt. Also
name dropping. I detest it."

A mantra he lives by: The Gayatri mantra

Ideal celeb body (male): Brad Pitt

Ideal celeb body (female): Jessica Alba

One thing he would change about himself: "My right foot’s toe... It’s too big!"

The corniest pick-up line that has been used on him: "You look tired and that’s probably because you
were running through my head all day long."

The sweetest compliment a woman has given to him: "A woman once told me that I would be great
husband material. I thought that was sweet."

His biggest obsession: The film I’m working on.

A song that describes his life perfectly: Stairway to heaven.

The best way to impress him: Is to be funny.

If he had a tattoo, it would be: On his back.

One actor he loves having a drink with: Ranbir Kapoor.

His favourite and most used cuss word: F@#k.

If not a celeb, he’d have been: A psychologist.

Something he can’t do: Accounts and math.

Unfulfilled dream: To become a cricketer (because he liked the idea of playing in front of 40, 000
odd people. It gave him an adrenaline rush.)

Debut film: London Dreams (2009)

Best movies in the career by now: Aashiqui 2, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Daawat-e-Ishq...

To celebrate his first hit- Aashiqui 2 success: He bought a BMW car for himself

If not an actor then: A cricketer or a musician

Aditya Roy Kapur's parents and brother

--- Favourites ---

Favourite cuisine: Indian

Favourite food: Butter chicken, kaali daal and butter naan; Indian Chinese- Kung Pao chicken
and Kung Pao potatoes

Favourite beverage: Strong coffee, flavoured milk

Favourite delicacy: Cheese and bread

Favourite dessert: Ice-cream

Favourite ice-cream flavours: Honey Nut Crunch and Bavarian Chocolate

Favourite trip: To Hawaii

Favourite movie: Terminator 2

Favourite Aashiqui 2 song: Tum Hi Ho

Favourite singer: Kailash Kher

Favourite co-star: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Favourite instrument: Guitar

Favourite car: BMW

Favourite outfit: Jeans and T-shirt

Favourite sport: Football

Aditya Roy Kapur with his brothers

--- Interesting Facts ---

--> Aditya Roy Kapur was born in Mumbai to a Punjabi father and a Jewish mother.

--> Aditya's father was in the army and was posted in Kashmir and he met his mother at a bar, where
she was dancing. He started flirting with her in front of her dad, who was accompanying her, saying
'Can I read your palm?' He was in the army and had many years to serve, but he got out of the army
as he fell in love with her and they married and shifted to Mumbai.

--> Aditya is not a trained actor, though he has taken dance lessons and also diction classes to improve
his Hindi accent. According to him he "had no burning ambition to become an actor," and was content
being a VJ, until he was called to audition for London Dreams.

--> During his school years, he wanted to be a cricketer but he quit cricket coaching classes after sixth

--> His grandfather Raghupat Roy Kapur left his home and the family business in Lahore in the 1940s
and shifted to Bombay (now Mumbai) to get associated with the film industry.

--> Kapoor is the youngest of the three siblings.

--> Aditya started his career as a VJ on music channel Channel V, where his comic timing and "unique
style of hosting" made him a hit.

--> When was a kid Aditya used to steal the clothes of his brothers but as they never fit him and were
like gowns, he used to wear them and play a king in long robes and capes.

--> Aditya starts his morning with a strong cup of coffee. He is addicted to coffee and can't open his
eyes in the morning till he takes the first sip of his coffee. He generally drinks it on an empty stomach.

--> Aditya is a manic ice-cream eater. He used to finish half a kilo of ice-cream every night. Honey Nut
Crunch and Bavarian Chocolate are his favourite flavours.

--> He loves his father apple pie and when he makes it, he makes 6 or 7, so that Aditya gets to eat a pie
every day of the week with ice-cream.

--> He is a late riser. Most of his days he gets up in the lunch time.

--> Aditya is messy at home.

--> He wasn't a very good student. He failed in Class VI and XI (6th and 11th standard). But he
didn't repeat the year, he just shifted schools.

--> Aditya learnt to play guitar from his friends when he was studying in Xavier's. He even had a
small band. 

--> He works out post lunch. Loves doing weights. He works out five times a week.

--> He prefers to play football for cardio than running on the treadmill.

Aditya with his brother Siddharth and his sister in law, Vidya Balan

--- Personal Quotes ---

"You’ve got to be completely open with your partner. Honesty, communication and trust are important
for a healthy relationship."

"I can be both, shy at times and pretty outgoing when need be."

"I like spontaneity, honesty and passion in a woman. I like a girl who is truly passionate about what
she’s doing and is focussed on her goal."

"I went on my first date when I was in the sixth standard. I took the girl for bhutta and coffee to Cuffe
Parade. And all throughout the date, the only thing I kept wondering was whether I should hold her
hand or not."

"Once I’ll be in a relationship, I’ll decide how to deal with it. Some people hide it, while some don’t.
You’ve got to go through it yourself to know what works for you."

"I find dieting quite tough. I am a huge foodie but I have learnt to discipline myself over the years."

"The weirdest things turn me on. I appreciate a sense of humour or when a woman avidly pursues
something she’s passionate about."

"I am a very sporty person and love playing football and cricket. Being on the soccer field gives me a
different high altogether. I am quite adventurous as well. On my Holidays, I like to go for bike rides
and treks."

"It all starts with attraction. So, she should smell really good. Body odour is a big turn off. She should
smell like an angel. Also, if the woman has beautiful, soulful eyes, I am a goner. My friends will
probably kill me for saying this because they think it’s silly - but for me, the woman has to have a
nice nose. Her nose should suit her face. It’s this lame kink I have in my head." 

"I haven’t somehow been able to let myself have a one-night stand. But they happen all over the
world. If an attractive woman is ready for it, no single guy really says no. There’s nothing wrong with
having one-night stands. It’s a personal choice."

"Homosexuality is natural. If a man is happy in the company of another man, what’s the big deal in
that? They are human beings too and shouldn’t be discriminated against."

"I talk to both Siddharth and Vidya about my films. They do help me out but the final decision is mine.
I know Siddharth will be there for me but I’d like to figure things out on my own."

"It is important to be physically compatible with your partner. If trust, emotional compatibility and
honesty are important, then sex is equally important. You may have everything, but if the sex is
absent, your relationship won’t last. You won’t be with your partner for long."

"I do keep in touch with some people (off the sets). It’s odd; while shooting for a film you spend four
to five months with your co-actors and you see them more often than you do your family but once it’s
released, you don’t meet at all. Things like this make you less willing to make strong bonds."

"The age gap between Siddharth and me is huge; he is 11 years older. So messing or fooling around
with him didn’t occur even in my wildest dreams! But Kunaal was different, he would get shouted at by
my father. I would provoke him with ‘Come let’s fight, let’s do kushti (wrestling)’. He would come and
hit me and the moment he did, I would complain to dad that he was beating me!" 

"I couldn't ask for any better. I keep joking that after sharing screen with Aishwarya Rai twice, I have
to retire now. Because, there can't be anything better. It will be tough to top that. When I was a boy,
I used to dream of meeting her someday. She is the most beautiful woman in the world."

"I have started to love this profession as much, if not more, than VJ-ing. Now I am completely in love
with it and can't think of going back to be a VJ again. I can only imagine having a life in films. So, I
hope there will be many more movies for me."

"Once I like something, I will eat it again and again. So when I visit the same restaurant for the
second or the third time, I only order the dish I like the most. I experiment with food only when I visit
a joint for the first time."

"I am a street food junkie. Yes, I love going to fancy restaurants to enjoy a scrumptious meal but
I’ve grown up on street food. I can’t live without it. The service is super fast and it’s finger-licking good,
what else does one need? From bhel puri, sev puri, paani puri, dahi batata puri, kathi rolls, boti
kababs to seekh kabab rolls, I love everything." 

"I live to eat."

"Some survey claimed that men think about sex every seven seconds. But that’s not true. I don’t
think about sex every seven seconds. (Laughs) Men definitely do think about sex though."

"I am quite straightforward that way. If I like someone, I’d go and tell her on her face. I believe I am
too goofy to be a flirt."

"I was a very naughty kid and was kicked out of school. I didn’t do well in college and I haven’t been
the best student... I just did my academics because one has to do it. I was more interested in sports,
especially football and I was never even a part of dramatics in school. To me, acting happened by

"The most romantic meal I’ve ever had was at a seafood joint with my last girlfriend. It was rather
messy, with crab claws hanging from our ears and all. It was romantic because we were both making
total fools of ourselves in front of each other. And we were loving it. We ate like total junglees that
day. Romantic meals don’t always have to be perfect candle-light affairs."

"We are family (Vidya Balan and him). We spend time together on weekends. We talk films. I don’t
share a formal bhabhi-devar relationship with her. We’re more like friends, who sit around cracking
jokes. She’s a new addition to our crazy family and we have a blast together every Sunday afternoon."

"Open relationships aren’t for me. I’m an emotionally driven man. If I am with a girl, I would be
committed to her and expect the same from her. Commitment is important for me. That’s the only
kind of relationship I know. But if two people can consensually agree to be in an open relationship
or marriage, good for them.

Aditya Roy Kapur with his Aashiqui 2 co-star and rumoured girlfriend Shraddha Kapoor

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