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Aamir Khan Quote


"I hate my own films. I don't like to watch my films (Laughs). When I see my films I always feel that
I could have done a lot better. When I see them I get upset and angry. I can also watch my films until
the release and till around three-four months after that."
"My problem is that I find it difficult to lie. I usually say what I feel and what I mean. In my personal life,
I have learnt that sometimes it's better to keep quiet and not talk. You change with age."

"My advice is that the best education you can have is life. So take a bunch of your friends and travel
from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for two years. Spend one or two years and be on your own. What you will
learn in those two years is something nobody can teach you."
"I don't believe that rivals can't be friends. I believe Salman (Khan) and I are big stars and I want both
of us to do better and better in our films.
"I want to do good work, but it doesn't make me feel bad if someone else does well. I am also an
audience and I love to see good work. Good work gives me joy; so I don't have that sort of competitive
spirit in me and I am happy about that."

"I don't think Bollywood is star-obsessed, I think the people are, audiences are. And it's fine! Even I am

"I think, Kiran (Rao) coming in to my life quiet brightened it. Her energy's been infectious. I think I've
changed a lot since Kiran came in to my life. I think I have."
"Oscar can't tell me whether my film is good or bad and I am not interested in that. My interest with
Oscar is that it's an opportunity for a film to get a larger window to a larger audience."

"Till today, I have not worked for money and that is one of my biggest strengths. It's not that I don't
need money. All of us need money and, according to me, I earn the least amount of money. I earn
the least compared to others and yet I am very happy because I do what my heart says. I never work
for money. Give me Rs.100 crore for a film and if I don't like it, I will not do it. I cannot compromise
with my emotions, and money cannot buy me."
"It is difficult for me to go out of my sensibilities and work. I can do different kinds of genres, but if
my sensibility doesn't match, I will not do it. If it disturbs my values, I can't do that film."

"I am not interested in politics. I feel whatever my strengths are, I want to make use of them. Why
does a person join politics? Because they want to serve society. I feel wherever I am today, I can
serve society in a better way." 
"I believe that to combat violence against women, we men will first have to change. Raising our
hand to strike a woman does not increase our masculinity. Instead, it shows cowardice."

"If a celebrity does some work, there is more attention. But the audience is very sharp, they
understand everything. Whatever goodwill I have earned over the years, I'll (always) take the right
advantage of it. I hope many more celebrities do it...the more the better."


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