Tera Noor

  • Song: Tera Noor
  • From movie: Tiger Zinda Hai
  • Language:  English
  • Year: 2017
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- English Translation -

Music: Vishal and Shekhar, Julius Packiam
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Label: YRF
Singer: Jyoti Nooran


Aaaa… Aaa… Ooo…

Ho Al-Bari
O creator (evolver/architect)
Tera Dum Mujhko Dikhlaave Ki Cheez Banaayi
Your life/presence shows me how wonderfully You have created (this world)
Kyun Mujhko Mere Jism Se Aage Samajh Na Paaye
Why can no one understand life that is beyond this body (materialistic world)?

Ho Al-Wali…
O governor (protector/guardian/friend)
(Al-Bari & Al-Wali are one of the 99 names of Allah)
Bolo Aisa Kyun Hai Mujhse Paida Hua Hai Jo Woh
Why is it so that the one who is born out of me
Har Pal Har Dum Mujhko Kamzor Bataaye
Is the same one who calls me(considers me) weak every moment

Jo Thi Tere Wajood Pe Duniya
The world that existed because of You (O God!)
Baithi Hai Barood Pe Duniya
That same world is right now sitting atop gunpowder (weapons)
Mool Toh Sabko Bhool Gaya Hai
Everyone has forgotten what worthiness is
Jeeti Hai Ab Sood Pe Duniya
The whole world lives/survives just on interest(dividends/profits)

Saare Kayade Kitabein Bhool Gaye
Everyone has forgotten about the rules, everyone has forgotten what’s written in (Holy)books
Mitti Mein Saare Phool Gaye
All the flowers have been tossed into the ground

Mujh Mein Koi Baat Nahi
I am not special
Koi Aukat Nahi
I have no worth
Tu Hi Toh Hai Shaan Meri, Tu Hi Hai Guroor
You are the only one who is my glory/honour, You are my pride

Kyun Door… Tera Noor… Tumse Mere Ilahi Ka
Why is the glow of my God/Lord far away from You?
Jab Hai Mujhko Suroor…
Whilst I am intoxicated (in Your devotion)

Ulfat Ke Bin Kahaan Rihaayi
There’s no release(from this world) without love
Baat Kisi Ko Samajh Na Aayi…
No one has understood this fact
Phir Bhi Sabko Samajh Baant Ta Iss Duniya Mein Har Saudaayi
Still there are dealers(traders/merchants) in this world passing on free(worthless/wrong) advice to others

Zinda Jazbaat Nahi
The emotions are alive
Haq Mein Haalaat Nahi
The present conditions are not in my favour
Maanungi Na Haar Mujhe Hai Fateh Ka Fitoor…
I will not accept defeat as I am passionate for victory

Kyun Door… Tera Noor… Tumse Mere Ilahi Ka
Why is the glow of my God/Lord far away from You
Jab Hai Mujhko Suroor…
Whilst I am intoxicated
Kyun Door… Tera Noor…
Why is Your glow far away?


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